Task Manager - System Image running high

  Steve A 20:53 04 Sep 2009

My parents are running a Windows 95 machine which is running painfully slowly. I've looked in the Task Manager and 'System' is running at around 80% even when no other resource hungry tasks running.

After looking on the net this is a common problem, but there are literally hundreds of different messages being given. So I thought I'd come on here and hopefully get some guidance.

What could be causing this issue? I'm fully up to date with windows update, I've run a virus scan an found no issues with this either.

Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks

  Technotiger 20:58 04 Sep 2009

If you mean System Idle Process, this is quite normal and is reading correctly. Not unusual for this to read in the 90's percentage-wise.

  Steve A 21:00 04 Sep 2009

Hi Technotiger,

No, I don't mean the System Idle process. I'm aware that this is quite often high when nothing is happening. It's the image name 'System'. That's what made me query it.

  Technotiger 21:07 04 Sep 2009

Perhaps it is doing auto-updates or similar behind-the-scenes'?

  Steve A 21:09 04 Sep 2009

Possibly, but its been doing it most of the time for quite a few weeks so I would expect any updates to be cleared in the time the problems have been occurring.

  Technotiger 21:13 04 Sep 2009

click here

Perhaps you could also reduce some of the items that run automatically at Start-up, that may not really be needed at that time.

  Steve A 21:17 04 Sep 2009

Sorry, I've just noticed I've put Windows 95, when I'm actually running Windows XP. I was talking about it whilst typing and didn't realise!

  Technotiger 21:34 04 Sep 2009

XP - in that case, it could also be creating System Restore Points, running Auto-scans with various programs, defragging or M'soft updates among other things.

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