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Task Manager Processes Background processes

  tonyq 17:53 13 Sep 2019

Hi all, When I view Task Manager Processes I am getting Background processes (81) of which CCleaner shows about 20 times is this usual ?

  Govan1x 23:08 13 Sep 2019

I dont have C Cleaner but Google Chrome shows 12 times in processes. if you click on the little arrow on the left hand side it should open all the parts of C Cleaner.

if they don't show any usage under CPU they are probably ok to leave.

I suppose you could use Revo Uninstaller on setting 4 to remove it completely then reinstall it. But I would wait and see what others think.

You have to watch when downloading C Cleaner as it usually comes bundled with some crapware.

  tonyq 17:45 14 Sep 2019

Govan1x, thank you for the reply. there is no little arrow on the left hand side of C Cleaner. CPU is showing 0%

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