task manager priority changes

  cassiusclay 22:55 15 Oct 2005

Can I change the priority of a running program in task manager to try and improve the smooth operating of my computer?
Windows help says its ok -ish, but a dialogue box alerting me that to change the priority of a running program could cause problems made me think twice...
I was running a program that uses a lot of memory, when suddenly a message appeared saying that the virtual memory was critically low or words to that effect.I terminated the program and then restarted and then looked up virtual memory.I think the message also mentioned paging file size....
so I was thinking that if I change the priority of the offending program that would create more virtual memory? Am I on the right track here,should I even worry about it? The program needed at least 128MB as a system requirement, but my pc has tons of room left on as I have hardly installed any major programs,It is a Celeron 1.8GHz with the usual 256MB running xp.

  goomer 23:02 15 Oct 2005

Goto control panel/system/advanced click on the performance settings tab then click on advanced and your page file settings are at the bottom. I would set it to min 1024 max 1024 rather than system managed size. This is an area of your hard drive that can be used as a memory dump when your system memory is full so as long as you have plenty of spare hard disk space this should work ok.

  cassiusclay 03:31 16 Oct 2005

performance /advanced / virtual memory....

" paging file size for selected drive"
drive C:
space available 46769 MB

initial size : MB: 384
max size : MB: 768

So do I delete the above numbers and write insted initial 1024
max 1024 ?
because there is no alternative numbers listed.

  dagwoood 12:19 16 Oct 2005

Cassiusclay, at performance >advanced > virtual memory, you select "Custom Size" and just enter 1024 in the min and max fields. If you still get the error message that you're running low on virtual memory, just increase the value.

HTH, dagwoood.

  cassiusclay 12:50 16 Oct 2005

Ive done that Ihope it works thanks for your help /........ .

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