task manager disabled

  Jomi 07:54 01 Oct 2005

When I try to use the task manager using ctrl-alt-del I get a message which says "Task manager has been disabled by your administrator".
Well I am the administrator and I didn't disable it (I don't know how).
Can anyone tell me what happened, and how to enable task manager again?


  VoG II 08:16 01 Oct 2005
  Jomi 08:21 01 Oct 2005

Registry fixed manually and task manager is running again.

thank you VoG

  Jomi 08:28 01 Oct 2005

The problem is fixed now but I'll leave the thread open for a while in case anyone knows how it happened. I know I didn't disable it - unless I could have done it accidentally!!

system is:
Athlon 3200 (32bit)
1gb ddr pc3200
radeon 9800 pro
win xp pro

  dave h 16:16 04 Jan 2006

Thank VOG, It worked for me.

I've just had the same problem - I was surfing and had a rash of 'Pop Ups'. The 'close' button at the top right of the window had ceased working. I hit 'Ctrl Alt Delete' to bring up task manager to close IE, and the 'Task manager disabled by administrator' message appeared. I shut off the computer and re-booted.
As I am a single user, I know damn well I didn't do it, so I feel the rash of 'Pop Ups' may have had something to do with it.

Also my login name became corrupted and I could not log in. This may or may not be linked to the above problem.
Anyone know of a vierus/trojan/ other nasty which might do this? I have AVG and Zone alarm both fully updated and Adawar, Spybot as well.

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