Task manager cpu running at 100

  boots2 15:01 27 Jan 2005

After restoring to a restor point this morning the cpu is running at 100 o/o and PF usage 221 mb
there are no Aplications listed, the machine works o/k but a little slow and Nortons seems to have gone, Any Ideas?

  johnnyrocker 16:23 27 Jan 2005

in the processes section which is the item using the most resources?


  boots2 17:30 27 Jan 2005

ypager.exe with 26792k
I also have found Norton but cannot run or remove it.

  VoG II 17:34 27 Jan 2005

ypager is Yahoo Messenger click here . You can ssafely kill this process in Task Manager.

  boots2 17:40 27 Jan 2005

Ended that still running at 100 the next highest is explorer.exe with24188k

  boots2 18:24 27 Jan 2005

Thanks jonny I have found regfilter.exe using the most resourse missed it the first time, I have stopped it but found 4 regfilter files one in nortons can i delete them all


  Modo 18:25 27 Jan 2005

Have you got a Firewall?

I gave up on Norton two weeks ago mid contract because Norton was fighting with Zone Alarms. Reformatted and not had a problem since on two computers.

It had to be Norton becuse I was running the same configuration on two other computers - the only difference AVG not Norton.

  boots2 18:37 27 Jan 2005

Yes I have a firewall also runnig AVG and Nortons 2003 for the personal info blocker.
but my wife used it yesterday and somehow nortons got problems 2 of these files are in widows prefetch the other two in Nortons folder.


  Modo 19:11 27 Jan 2005

Try and clean Prefetch
click here

It's unlikely to be that but worth a run

But you sound as if you have got too much security running and it's fighting.

Don't go deleting out of Task Manager. Even stopping is dodgy unless you really are sure about the app

services.exe is the place for controlling running apps but make sure you know what you are stopping.

Stopping Norton apps is a recipe for trouble.

If you do edit. Do one thing at a time, make a note and reboot each time.

My philosophy on this kind of problem is go for the brutal cure rather than mess around. I've seen other threads start like this. Others have disagreed with my hard headed approach and offered solutions that can last 100's of replies. In this particlar case without you being able to post your services.exe screen it's going to be hard to identify.

I'd take Norton off - not easy, go to their site and read how. Take off AVG - easier. Clean reload one ... and only one of them.

  VoG II 19:15 27 Jan 2005

You can post a screenshot by uploading the image to click here then including a link to it here.

  boots2 20:19 27 Jan 2005

Seems to have done the job I have removed and reloaded all seems o/k thanks Mondo Jonny And Vog
I have another small problem with drivers but will post another day after i have tried the screen shot thing Vog.


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