Task bar+start menu Grey+basic-Help please?

  buel 15:16 14 Feb 2010

Hi, i have just adjusted my gf's paging file being as i have recently increased the Ram and after i restarted the laptop the start menu+task bar has gone grey and looks very much like when i once got her Vista to run 'basic' (i changed it back)
Please can someone help me find out why this has happened? It is Vista home premium!

  Sea Urchin 15:30 14 Feb 2010

Why do you have to manually adjust the paging file? Your system will normally manage the virtual memory allocation.

  Batch 15:42 14 Feb 2010

Sounds like you've set the menu to be Windows Classic style. If it's the same as XP, right click the Start button and select Properties, you should then be able to select the style of Start menu.

You may also have an issue with the Desktop being Windows Classic, in which case right click the Desktop, select Appearance tab and the select the style of Desktop you want (again this is all as based on XP, maybe slightly diff in Wista).

  Technotiger 16:11 14 Feb 2010

Have a look at the very informative 'Best Answer' in this thread from another forum ...

click here

  buel 16:16 14 Feb 2010

Hi, firstly, i manually changed the paging file as per Fruit Bat's post here:

click here

And batch, i have tried your options and im afraid i cant get it back to how it was!

  buel 16:25 14 Feb 2010

Hi, thanks Technotiger, unfortunately i cant see any answer reference to the task bar?

  birdface 16:58 14 Feb 2010

Will a system restore fix it.

  buel 17:26 14 Feb 2010

Just tried that, thanks buteman, no luck! Grrr!

  Sea Urchin 17:45 14 Feb 2010

"i cant see any answer reference to the task bar?"

From Technotiger's link

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
How to change the color scheme in Windows Vista

Change the color and "glassiness" of windows, the Start menu, and the Taskbar.

Notice the last word :@)

  buel 20:32 14 Feb 2010

Ok, i have tried and tried but the answer seems to be to turn Aero back on after going to the options mentioned, Windows Aero just isn't one of them! There is 'Windows Classic', 'Windows standard', 'High contrast white', 'High contrast black', 'High contrast #2', and 'High contrast #1' but no 'Aero'!!
Can anyone help me please?

  buel 20:42 14 Feb 2010

Ok, i have found that i had to restart 'Themes' in 'Services' to get the option of 'Vista', as soon as i chose that the taskbar went back to normal!!
I hope this is of use to anyone else who has to the problem!!!!
Thank you all!!!!

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