Task bar shows everything (98SE)

  Diemmess 19:15 19 Feb 2005

Elderly friend sought help with a corrupted Word "Normal template".... Easy when you know how!

Everything otherwise is going well, (he is a photographer with no internet facility) but I spotted all sorts in the taskbar at the bottom.

In addition to the expected icons and one for each program running they included autoexec.bat, MSDOSprompt, and Command.Command, to name but a few! Deleteing them caused no fuss but I expect they will be back next time.

Wots Up?

  Jeffers22 20:08 19 Feb 2005

It would be easy enough to accidentally drag the MSDOSprompt to the quicklaunch area as it is in the programs > accessories list (In fact I always keep it there anyway, some things I just find easier to do in DOS), but can't understand why the others might be there unless there is a setting somewhere that I don't know about. Could have been dragged there from an Explorer window of C:\Windows I suppose. Some of the older brigade seem to forget to let go the mouse button at times in my experience.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:22 19 Feb 2005

If the programs are on the quick launch toolbar, then to get rid of them all you have to do is right click the mouse when the mouse pointer is hovering over and choose delete from the resulting menu. They are only shortcuts afterall....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 20:30 19 Feb 2005

If the programs are in the task area, thenyou should check the startup group to see which programs, if any are launching when windows launches....TT

  Diemmess 20:48 19 Feb 2005

Jeffers22 - may have given the reason why these items got to the toolbar in the first place. (The jerky movements he tends to make when flustered)

THE TERMINATOR - having limited time with him this afternoon I was reluctant to be CAUSING a problem. I deleted things he never used anyway (leaving the shortcuts on desktop in case he changed his mind.)

Had already checked in msconfig that only the minimum is running, but was rather hesitant to delete Autoexec and Command! What was he doing to open these, I don't thimk he has a clue about them...... Perhaps, ...he has a dabbler friend nearby...

The whole thing runs fine for photoshop which is why he uses it, so who am I to meddle. I did what I was asked and got Word to open again.

Thank you both.

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