Task Bar has gone onto two lines

  johnincrete 17:34 08 Mar 2012

The blue task bar line at the bottom of the screen has altered itself and now is two lines wide. The quick load part at the left has not changed. The language toolbar appears on the second line. The right hand side bit is on three lines. I've tried all sorts of left & right clicks but cannot find anything that controls this situation. Running XP SP3

  rawprawn 17:37 08 Mar 2012

I am not sure, but I think if you right click on it you can drag it down to normal size. (it's a long time since I used XP)

  lotvic 17:39 08 Mar 2012

mouse cursor, Grab the top of the blue bar until you get double-headed arrow and drag it down to one line or hidden out of sight (or drag up if you want 3,4,5 lines high etc.)

  lotvic 17:54 08 Mar 2012

Make sure the task bar is unlocked, so no tick next to Lock Taskbar on the rightclick menu then use left mouse button to grab and drag size as in my first post.

  T0SH 18:29 08 Mar 2012

If all of the above fail, try using the Windows system restore utility back a day or so to when it was just the single line taskbar should fix it for you

Cheers HC

  johnincrete 06:53 09 Mar 2012

Thanks all. I thought it would be easy but when you don't know, it's very difficult!

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