Task Bar

  ol blueeyes 22:51 06 Oct 2009

Windows 7. My Task Bar keeps changing colour it is currently Pale Blue and I don't like it.How can I change it ?
Thanks in advance

  birdface 23:59 06 Oct 2009

Maybe right click the middle of the screen.properties. Appearance.And maybe change it from there. Thats how you would do it with XP probably Vista is the same.

  birdface 00:00 07 Oct 2009

Should have said probably Windows7 is the same.

  ol blueeyes 09:20 07 Oct 2009

Thanks for that I can certainly change colours etc that way but not of the Task Bar
Am still investigating. Only another 18 or so days that I shall do a re-install when my Windows 7 arrives. then I'll hopefully be back to proper colours. I know it's no big deal, but we all like what we like.

  birdface 10:01 07 Oct 2009

Maybe try right clicking the start button and properties.See if you can change it that way.

  ol blueeyes 13:09 07 Oct 2009


Sorry have tried that, you can do everything else but not change the colour. Would have replied earlier. But have just proved to Virgin Media that 2 different people in two different parts of the Country can have the same E:Mail Address. The other person made a purchase using my E:Mail address. I saw his/her Order how much they spent and the last four digits of their visa Card. This is one of the reasons I check my Bank Account on-line twice a day.

Anyway thats a seperate issue
Thanks for your help

  ol blueeyes 13:12 07 Oct 2009

Oh should have said I've also got their Full address and telephone Number.
As I said to Virgin I'm not impressed with their so called Security systems

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