Targa laptop problem

  fonzi 22:46 24 May 2007

I have a problem with a Targa laptop that I bought 2 years ago. Basically I can only use the hard drive that came with it.
When I take out the hard drive that came with it, insert a new one and do a clean install of Windows XP on it the laptop shuts down in the middle of it.
I've tried two different (brand new) drives on it, one a Toshiba, the other a Western Digital and neither works.
I even tried two different XP discs so it's not a problem with the discs or the hard drives.
Has anyone had a similar problem to this with a Targa laptop?

  wee eddie 23:26 24 May 2007

that are specific to Targa.

You should be able to get them off the old drive. Having said that I'm told it's easier done when the whole shebang's brand new.

  woodchip 23:58 24 May 2007

You may find that the Drive in it is an Hitachi. I upgraded mine from 30 to 60 on a Medion Laptop. What make is the one you took out?

  fonzi 09:03 25 May 2007

Woodchip, the drive in it is a Samsung.
I think you may be right about the drivers wee eddie, but how do I get these drivers off the hard drive I took out and how do I get them on to the new drive?

  Ikelos 09:15 25 May 2007

on the samsung website there are HDD drivers. just been there to have a look.

  fonzi 09:54 25 May 2007

Cheers Ikelos, I'll have a look.

  mocha 09:57 25 May 2007

In order for you to install the drivers you need XP to be up and running. If the machine does an instant shut down without warning then it could be overheating, are your fans running when you are installing XP. Also do a memory test as bad memory can also cause instant shut downs. Dont use a windows memory checker they dont work, click here use either the floppy or cd and configure your BIOS to boot from whichever you choose floppy/CD.

  fonzi 10:08 25 May 2007

I found the drive model and d'loaded an executable from that site. I'm not sure how I install this on a brand new drive that has no OS?
Do I burn it to cd. install the drive and then boot from the DVD-drive?
I don't see how this is going to solve my problem in any case, as this software is for a Samsung drive and the new one I want to install is a Western Digital.

  fonzi 14:01 25 May 2007

I managed to install Windows XP on the new drive. When I previously tried to install it, the laptop powered off during the part of the installation that formats the drive. However, this time I chose "quick format" instead of the long format.
This time the installation completed without any problems. It seems the "long" format of the drive was what causes it to turn off. I don't know why. I would ideally prefer to do the long format but seeing as the drive is brand new there is nothing on it anyway so it shouldn't really matter.
So if anyone has this problem and does a search of this forum to find the answer, the solution which worked for me was to do a quick format when installing Windows, not the long one.

  woodchip 18:39 25 May 2007

Most Likely Power Management in BIOS

  fonzi 15:20 26 May 2007

I don't actually have a Power Management setting in the BIOS of my laptop woodchip.

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