Taran - HTML Interface is up on my website

  Pesala 00:01 24 Feb 2003

To see how the design works:
click here

The MP3 files are huge, no way I can put them on my website, but you can get the idea of how the CD is intended to work. Any suggestions to improve it are welcome.

It autoruns just fine, loading the index page, and the links all work, though I don't know why.

  Djohn 00:19 24 Feb 2003

Pesala, looks good to me, very impressed! I know very little of website design and work involved, if anything at all! But it looks good and loads fast, and that is what is important.

If it was my design, I think I would tone the background down just a little to make the text stand out better and this would also help with the mono photos. regards. J.

  Pesala 00:26 24 Feb 2003

The background is a bit "busy" which makes the text hard to read. I will find another background texture before I finish the project.

I used NetObjects Fusion 2.02 to produce the site, which is not a website at all, but just a front end for a CD. Great program, free on a Software World cover disk.

I downloaded the Trial Version 7.0 at the end of October but I haven't even had time to install it yet.

  Djohn 00:29 24 Feb 2003

Pesala, Other than that I do like the site, looks very professional, and the quality of the photographs is excellent, Best wishes. J.

  Pesala 10:54 24 Feb 2003

In NetObjects Fusion I defined my links without the usual http:// as the files are going to reside on the local hard drive. I left that part blank and merely typed in \Filename.mp3 as the URL. This worked. Then someone suggested the backslash was necessary so I removed it, but it no longer worked.

So I moved all the MP3 files to a \talks\ directory on the CD and changed the links accordingly to \talks\filename.mp3

This now works fine, but I would like to understand better why it works. The URL in the address bar when I click on a link to an MP3 file is like the one below:

file://localhost/talks/Living with the Cobra.mp3

You can check out my html interface on my website, but the MP3 talks are too big to copy:

click here\talks\index.html

  Pesala 08:42 25 Feb 2003

That should be UNnecessary, not necessary.

Can anyone help me understand better the correct way to make a link to a file in a directory on the current drive in NetObjects Fusion?

The URL dropdown list has several options:



file:/// (sic) news:// etc.

In the event I used \talks\filename.mp3 as theURL which produces the following address:


Note that the local drive letter is missing from the address, though the home page address is:


  Pesala 23:10 27 Feb 2003

My CD autoruns fine and the Home Page comes up but none of the links work when I run the disk. I thought they worked fine before, but they don't now.

URL in the address bar when I click on a link is as follows:


As you see, the E: drive letter is missing:

The links to other pages from the Home Page work fine, then the address is correct e.g.


What is wrong with my html code?

  Taran 18:36 05 Mar 2003

I'm sorry, I completely overlooked this thread.

If you want to email me I'll send you a small dummy site of a few pages and folders. I'll dump a couple of Zip files or small WAV files into one of the folders and link to them, so you can see the structure of the links and how they relate to the files. Burning this site to CD with an autorun file pointing to the index.htm document clear up your problems.

Incidentally, it's pointless specifying a drive on your links - you are using E: while most people will have their CD ROM as D:

You are also linking to a file that is located on a virtual or assumed server (localhost) rather than pointing directly to a file contained in a folder in your site structure.

Email me if you'd like the sample site. I'll only make it three or four linked pages and two or three small files in a sub-folder, but it will illustrate how everything hangs together.



  Taran 18:58 05 Mar 2003

In brief, your links should be as follows:

a href="talks/filename.mp3">Play</a

Note that I've left out the < at the start of the "a href=" tag at the very start of the link, and the > from the "</a" tag at the very end, just to get the text to display properly (hopefully) when it's posted in the Helproom.

The above will make a normal hyperlink on a web page with the word Play as the actual link to the file. The link points to the filename.mp3 file, that lives in the talks folder - this is where you get the foldername/filename.file-extension addressing system that makes a standard hyperlink run or open a file. It also makes the assumption that the system the disk is being played on has an MP3 player of some description.

If you have any questions, post again or email me direct.



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