Tape Deck to Easy CD Creator...sound problem

  Duncanf 00:07 03 Mar 2003

Been trying to make a cd from a tape using Roxio Easy CD Creator. Thought I had solved the problem using the Spin Doctor option in Easy CD and connecting a mini jack and 2 phono cable between sound card and tape audio output but no sound level appears on the monitor. Any further suggestions? Thanks

  DieSse 00:17 03 Mar 2003

Silly suggestion - but are you in the Line-in socket on the sound card - and is it unmuted in the sound mixer properties.

  beeuuem 00:25 03 Mar 2003

Have you got the 'line in' selected for recording?
In 98SE open volume control,(in programmes> accessories>entertainment)click on'Options > properties> select Recording then OK. In the recording control panel that now opens select the input that you want to use.
It is,from memory, similar in XP

  Duncanf 00:42 03 Mar 2003

Thanks DieSse and beeuuem!
I was on line-in but volume control on sound recorder was set too low. Increasing the level brought an immediate visual response on screen.

Thanks again for your replies and prompt help.

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