TalkTalk's EchoLife HG520s router XP Issues

  adam110 04:30 09 Aug 2007

I changed to TT's Option 3 wireless and got the HG520s.....On my laptop (running VISTA) it is just fine! But on my other 4 pc's which are all XP, it is a different story! I get on the net OK but certain areas do not load. IE my online soon as I try to log in it says no longer can connect. Also windows update does not work....nor does MSN. Every XP machine is the same! Please help as it is great on my laptop!

  mgmcc 08:19 09 Aug 2007

See if there is an option in the router to set the MTU value (Maximum Transmission Unit) - the default value is usually 1500 so try reducing it to 1492. An inability to access "secure" sites is often an indication of an MTU problem.

  adam110 14:32 09 Aug 2007

Amazing!! Always so simple!!!!
I tried everything!! This did the trick thank you soooo very much

I just thought it odd that my Vista laptop had no problem.....biZarre!!

  Spark6 15:31 09 Aug 2007

Are you able to help me with this problem with my HG520s router?

click here

To date I have been unable to access the router to check or change settings! Any advice appreciated.

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