TalkTalk, unable to access e-mail accounts

  bigfooted 14:15 14 Nov 2013

I use IE 10 on Windows 7 Home Premium to access my two TalkTalk e-mail accounts. I last accessed both accounts between 22.00 and 23.00 on Tuesday 12/11/2013 and had no problems. On Wednesday morning I tried to access both accounts and received the message 'Either username or password is incorrect." and was unable to access either account via the TalkTalk site. Annoyingly, one account is linked to my main TalkTalk account, that means that the log in for Account access is the same as that for e-mail access. I can access My Account but not the e-mails. I have spoken to a service "expert" (their words not mine.) at TalkTalk who failed to understand the problem then told me he did not have the expertise to deal with my complaint. Having said that, he apologised for being unable to help and ended our conversation. I have checked 'known faults' on the site and nothing is showing, my line check reveals everything doing what it is supposed to and I have tried changing my password to the e-mail site with no luck, the change is acknowledged but I still cannot access my e-mails. I have used these account addresses for about seven years with few problems, apart from the original switch to IE 10 which caused similar problems but was eventually sorted out. To avoid this I have not upgraded to IE 11 just in case, and a critical update from Microsoft that was installed on Tuesday evening has been removed in case that was causing the problem but with no luck. Can anyone suggest a solution apart from dumping TalkTalk and their hopeless Service and Repair centre. wotan

  bumpkin 15:11 14 Nov 2013

Had the same thing myself on a couple of occasions. Phone them again, you won't be able to understand them nor will they listen to anything you say but you will probably find it working again in a few hours, not their fault of course just coincidence.

  bigfooted 15:37 14 Nov 2013

Thanks bumpkin, I am on phone to them now, they are 'checking the line' whatever that entails, but I still cannot access my e-mails. Not a good advert for TalkTalk.

  bumpkin 15:46 14 Nov 2013

They always check the line even though it is nothing to do with the line. They will tell you that it is OK in a minute. Hopeless as you said.

  bigfooted 15:54 14 Nov 2013

At least the gent I am talking to today is making an effort to help, the guy yesterday could not have been more useless, he even admitted he did not understand the problem, apologised and went off. This from a much vaunted New Service and Repair Centre staffed by ' Expert' advisors. I don't want to ditch TalkTalk as I use them for my phone as well and they are the only ones who include the Channel Islands in their phone package, which is where many of my family are from.

  lotvic 15:55 14 Nov 2013

You get better/quicker/more sensible service through the Forum click here where the UK 'OCE' helpers guide you. (OCE helpers are talktalk employees helping through the forum)

  bumpkin 16:02 14 Nov 2013

I am thinking of changing but there are so many different deals it gets confusing. If you are happy with them other than this issue lets hope it gets sorted as they meet your other requirements.

  spuds 16:41 14 Nov 2013

Not being able to get TalkTalk Webmail, is nothing new.

TalkTalk usually know there is a problem, and they usually resolve the problem in a fairish manner. TT support advisor's only suggest testing the line, which doesn't help, because it is nothing to do with the line, and they know no different.

When this problem happens again, try using a different collection route, using your TalkTalk details. If you open the link, choose highest security settings, give your TT details, and anything on the TT system you have, should become available to you. Its not a scam, TalkTalk engineers recommended this to me once, and I have used it with success since click here

  Sea Urchin 17:04 14 Nov 2013

bigfooted I notice you have marked this thread as resolved - it would be good to know just how you sorted it out. It can be helpful to others in the future with the same problem

  bigfooted 11:26 15 Nov 2013

Firstly my apologies for any inconvenience my string may have caused, I have just apologised to the TalkTalk Service site for blaming them for my problems. Whilst I was unable to access my e-mails using IE 10, I have managed to access them via Firefox. I have uninstalled IE 10 and replaced it with Firefox and immediately gained access to my e-mails using my normal log in procedures. The problem obviously lies with the Microsoft update I installed last Tuesday, even though I removed it to try and resolve the issue. No more IE for me, I will stay with Firefox, (and TalkTalk). many thanks for the help and advice given and beware Microsoft updates, they do not always improve things.

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