TalkTalk speeds today all messed up

  sunnystaines 15:55 11 Nov 2010

any otherr talktalk users getting bad speeds today?

my average 8.9meg dropped midday to a mere 0.13meg most pages timing out and not loading, spent ages on the phone with TT support who said no problems present their end and they will call back saturday.

then half hour after the end of the call the internet went on/off for a few mins then getting 10.9 meg never had that before, but now speed dropped down to mere nothing again.

any suggestions anyone else having this?

  GaT7 16:06 11 Nov 2010

Did you check the Service Outages click here & Network Status click here pages? Or, even their forum click here. G

  CFC23 16:11 11 Nov 2010

No problem here in the South West!

  sunnystaines 16:16 11 Nov 2010

tried that my exchange shows ok and that i should be 10.35 meg.

rebooted pc and router a few times, changed mtu figuress as advised by TT just run out of idea's

  cocteau48 16:20 11 Nov 2010

Hi sunnystaines

Had a very similar scenario a few weeks ago.

Cutting a very long story short it turned out the router was on the blink. I did have an alternative to try but TT also supplied a replacement.

  sunnystaines 16:45 11 Nov 2010

its a new router only a about two months old

a belkin N wireless router

which replaced my long trusted lynsky which kept switching off.

i will try belkin support

  sunnystaines 17:31 11 Nov 2010

Sorted i hope spent ages with belkin support on various configurations changed from pppoA to pppoE that now gives 9meg.

not sure why pppoA has packed up hoping it will not slow down again.

  Muergo 19:26 11 Nov 2010

My TT speed has been OK for quite a time now, hitting the heights of !.8 Mb, but there have been a lot of OutReach vans around, I found out that they are installing fibre optic cabling but he wasn't sure if it would benefit TTalk or just BT. My line is from Windsor.

I have found that until you get in to the second level in faults/engineering the results from TTalk are poor, you have to lodge a complaint with ref number and keep following it through, saying every day that it isn't right otherwise they forget you and assume it's working.

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