talktalk set up on expiry of Orange

  Liza 00:35 20 Sep 2013

My internet provider was expiring in August I applied to TalkTalk to take over. They failed to do it in August because there were problems. So I let them do it on the 3rd September. They sent me the router and everything was fine or so I thought until I discovered my phone was not fixed to receive calls so I was only able to make calls. I tried to get them to fix this omission but have failed. I rang all the numbers they provide to address this issue but they keep saying bt will attend to it but nothing is being done. How does one get them to hurry up. Because the phone is not complete I cannot even do an email address and my old email address is still being used and I cannot tell email senders I am no longer with my previous provider. How does one deal with this problem please. Liza

  Nontek 08:04 20 Sep 2013

If your phone provider is BT I think you should contact BT.

  spuds 10:52 20 Sep 2013

If you are now subscribing to TalkTalk, then they are your first contact point. BT OpenReach will only do any engineering work on TalkTalk's behalf and instructions.

TalkTalk can be a real pain, if you don't get the right person to deal with. My suggestion is to go to the very top Dido Harding, because I have dealt with her previously, and she will get things moving.

The easy way to make instant contact is by email, and your old email address should still be available if the account as not been completely closed. You might also be able to use the link below via your present connection?.

Here is Dido Harding's direct email contact address [email protected]

  woodchip 11:26 20 Sep 2013

My Suggestion is that the Top is a Car Phone Warehouse, as I had problems with User Setup Passwords etc when I first Joined them. Let them sort it out, and tell them you are not going to leave until they do.


  woodchip 11:27 20 Sep 2013

My Suggestion is that the Top is a Car Phone Warehouse, as I had problems with User Setup Passwords etc when I first Joined them. Let them sort it out, and tell them you are not going to leave until they do.


PS if its not setup correctly you should not have to pay until it is

  Liza 19:33 23 Sep 2013

Hello Nontek, spuds, woodchip Thanks all for your quick reply. Spuds, When I saw your help I at once fell for it and w/o much ado so without shutting down immediately wrote to Dido Harding. The next day I had a reply saying she was going to get her dept to look into it that was on Friday last today Monday I got my phone. My God she's great and I must thank you. Woodchip, Is Car still with TT. I heard they broke off. I may be wrong. I know them when we met in 2004. Then I joined TT phone only and AOL BB. Car even gave me an excellent digital phone, something went wrong so I left. Liza

  Liza 18:42 27 Sep 2013

Hello Spuds I am afraid there is still a problem. TT now say vandals got on the underground and messed up so more time is being spent to fix my phone therefore still not up and running. Also today my friend said when she phoned my no. she got Orange. It reverted to my phone later. You probably know that TalkTalk does not do mac code. I heard if this is not taken from your old provider one can be charged. Will I be charged, I finished with Orange but did not take a mac code. What must I do please. By the way who is Kieren from National Broadband CoUk. He phoned me about TT before I could agree joining TT they came on to me, that's how I joined. Liza

  spuds 00:16 28 Sep 2013

Hi Liza - Kieren would appear to be a sales person possibly representing National Broadband Service,who I believe are a comparison company. If you obtained your TalkTalk via them, then they were possibly acting as agents on your behalf.

Regarding the Mac code, then all ISP should provide this, and TalkTalk are no exception. National Broadband service might have obtained this on your behalf for the transfer, if they dealt with the transfer. To find out more about TalkTalk Mac code procedures, then I would perhaps suggest that you put "does talktalk provide mac codes" in a Google search, because doing so will provide many answers for you, far to many to list or link here.

I think that you might need to check how you actually transferred. TalkTalk would most likely have this information, if you haven't received it from elsewhere.

Information on National Broadband Services click here

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