Talktalk Router - Where is it

  Border View 10:41 29 May 2009

Friend signed up with Talktalk - including line rental £32.49 a month. The Exchange phoned her on 24th to say that her line was now ADSL active, but there is no sign of the router (and welcome pack). Pointless phoning CS because they just keep saying "its in the post" - have done all week.

Does anyone know if Talktalk have a shortage of routers and is anyone else having similar problems.

  Stuartli 11:03 29 May 2009

How did your friend manage to assemble a package costing £32.49 a month?

Must have ordered a lot of Boosts?

  Border View 11:11 29 May 2009

From what I can glean from the paper work:

£11.25 line rental
£15.00 Broadband (no LLU)
£6.49 Anytime calls

When she queried the price a chap at TT said he would give her a discount of £5 a month but it hasnt shown up on the paper work yet. She has been with TT for about four year and only recently decided to take up broadband (she thought it would be £6.50 but they said because the exchange was not LLU she would have to pay £15 a month. He did indicate she could have free 084x numbers. Bit suprised that they are going to charge her £29.99 connection charge too.

  Border View 11:16 29 May 2009

Her top speed will be 2mbs.

I thought I would also repeat on here a posting I made on Thinkbroadband yesterday Talk Talk Forum which no one has responded to.

On behalf of a friend we are really tearing our hair out. If this is a sign of things to come heaven help us.

My friend was already signed up for her talktalk landline. She was using dial up, but having seen the talktalk advert "get broadband for £6.49 a month" she decided to go for it.

Phone call to talktalk - we are already with you and would like to sign up for broadband. Yes madam, that is fine - that will be £32.50 (approx) a month all in. But what about £6.49 a month for broadband? Oh your exchange can only supply bb at £15.50 a month. So my friend said forget it.

Well as you are a loyal customer we will give a £5 a month discount.

So - order placed 24th April. Letter received to say that line would be activated for ADSL on 24th May and she would receive a welcome pack about five days before that.

She was then told that her Talktalk landline would be active on 12th May (bearing in mind that she was already a Talktalk customer????????

Patiently awaited arrival of "Welcome pack" with router. Phone call on Saturday 24th May from chap at the Exchange. Your phone line is now broadband enabled. But what about my welcome pack? Oh that's nothing to do with me you will have to speak to Talktalk.

Phoned TT on Monday 26th to ask where the welcome pack was. Response - its in the post. Wonderful - sat in all day and every day until today Thursday - no welcome pack. Despite phoning again on Wednesday - its in the post.

This morning I telephoned Talktalk to ask what the position was. Only to be told the line would not be activated for broadband until tomorrow 29th May. The welcome pack would be despatched today 28th May and could take up to seven days to arrive.

No I could not speak to a Supervisor - that would take up to 24 hours. She could not explain why my friend had been told her line was activated for bb on the 24th and nor could she explain why my friend had repeatedly been told the welcome pack was in the post.

To add insult to injury, they are going to charge my friend a £29.99 connection fee.

Talk about total lack of communication, frustration, misinformation and possible lies.

I have used my own bb connection to track my friends order only to read

Order placed 24th April
Talktalk landline now active 12th May
BB Go live date - Yesterday 27th May.

Just what on earth is going on here.

Other than grinning and bearing it what other course of action can my friend take.

Would welcome your comments

  Border View 11:41 29 May 2009

I would welcome your comments on the charges and delivery of the router please.

  cocteau48 12:16 29 May 2009

There should certainly be no shortage of routers.
They have just sent me a free replacement Echolife 520b which arrived within five working days of the order being generated.

  woodchip 12:18 29 May 2009

Best way is phone and tell them you want a refund for not being able to use BB

  oldbeefer2 12:34 29 May 2009

I know Stuartli won't agree, but this sums up (in my experience) the sort of service you can expect from Talktalk BB and is the reason I am with a small, UK based ISP. Their phone deals are good though.

  woodchip 13:13 29 May 2009

TalkTalk is okay for me and all my friends

  Stuartli 13:32 29 May 2009

TalkTalk has always made in clear over the past three years plus since starting its "free" broadband service that in certain instances a charge of £10 (now £15) would be made as it has to pay BT for the service.

The availability check here will indicate if TT can provide a broadband service:

click here


The above link also states that the £30 connection fee will be waived for a limited period (don't know if that applies to non-LLU exchanges).

Here's a list of exchanges in which TalkTalk has installed its own LLU equipment to date:

click here

Plus a list of TalkTalk's exchanges' capacity and whether any new subscribers are currently being accepted:

click here

plus plans for equipping further exchanges:

click here

As a number of forum members have come to realise over the years, I've been very happy with TalkTalk and so have friends and family members who have followed my lead.

At the moment, for example, my connection speed is 6.92Mb....

  Stuartli 13:36 29 May 2009

Re: >>then told that her Talktalk landline would be active on 12th May (bearing in mind that she was already a Talktalk customer????????>>

I suspect that's because, in effect, your friend has started a new contract with TalkTalk from that date.

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