TalkTalk router with Tiscali ISP

  bruckshaw 15:21 30 Aug 2009

I am thinking of buying my wife a laptop and thought of converting my PC to wireless for convenience.

I already have an unused TalkTalk router (HG20s).

Will I be able to use this to access the internet through my Tiscali account?

I have a spare PCI slot. What is the best adapter to install there?.

Thanks for any suggestions.

  mgmcc 09:22 31 Aug 2009

Provided the router isn't "locked" to TalkTalk's service then you should be able to set it up for your Tiscali account. Why not try it and see using a "wired" ethernet connection? If that works, enabling it for "wireless" connections should be straightforward.

  bruckshaw 15:17 31 Aug 2009

Thank for your reply.

I have set up the router with wired ethernet connection.

The green lights on permanently on the front of the router are LAN, ASDl and POWER. There is no INTERNET light on. ttempting to connect to the internet produces no result on screen or in the light.

Does this indicate a locked router? If so is there a way to unlock it?

There is a CD with the router but inserting it automatically changes my ISP to TalkTalk.

What next please?

  mgmcc 15:46 31 Aug 2009

Have you gone into the Router's configuration pages and set it up to connect to your Tiscali account? This might just involve entering your Username and Password for Tiscali.

A Router's configuration pages can normally be accessed by typing its IP address (most commonly or into your web browser. You'll be prompted for a Username/Password (the Router's, not the ISP's) and should then have access to the settings.

  bruckshaw 16:28 31 Aug 2009

I have already been trying that and nothing happens as I said in my earlier post. In Firefox I get the "loading" icon with the rotating circle but no response.

To repeat I have NOT used the CD to set up the router because it changes my ISP to TalkTalk.

Is there any milage in using the "reset" port on the back of the router?

  Tech Guy 18:41 03 Sep 2009

I used to be a 2nd line techie for talktalk and the routers where never locked then. Can't imagine they are now.

Check out: click here

  bruckshaw 19:55 03 Sep 2009

Can't see anything relevant there.

The router, HG520s, came from TalkTalk just one year ago.

Do my symptoms suggest locked or not?

  Tech Guy 18:15 04 Sep 2009

I know for a fact Talktalk didn't lock thier routers 1 year ago.

  bruckshaw 18:40 04 Sep 2009

Thanks for that. At least now I can concentrate on trying to get it to work.

But I don't know where to start because it gives me no Internet connection.

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