TalkTalk problems with anti virus software

  GHC 16:43 15 Mar 2013

A friend tried to access her TalkTalk emails yesterday and found that there was a problem loading the emails and that she should "Click here". When she did her anti virus, Avast, claimed that Malware had been detected and the emailos wouldn't show. We tried all manner of Web shield settings but to no avail. Contacted TalkTalk who basically said it was Avast's problem and not theirs. Uninstalled Avast and installed AVG. Guess what. Same problem - malware and blocked. Contacted TalkTalk who said they didn't support either Avast or AVG and tried to sell us their own antivirus program. Claimed that both Avast and AVG were the problem. Must admit that I find that difficult to accept. Their final solution was to turn off the antu virus program. Reluctantly, I did so and the emails loaded perfectly, until the anti virus kicked in again and blocked them all. Anyone got any ideas other than a). shelling out for TalkTalk's solution or b). dumping the whole lot and migrating to Gmail or Hotmail. Many thanks

  john bunyan 16:52 15 Mar 2013

I use the free version of Avira anti virus - have done for a couple of years. No problem with Pipex (Talk Talk)

  wiz-king 17:50 15 Mar 2013

Having two antivirus programs can cause problems. Delete one of them then run some antimalewear like Malwarebytes

  Woolwell 18:12 15 Mar 2013

It's odd that all of the emails should show as having problems with 2 anti-virus programs. How many e-mails? I would suspect the e-mails of containing a virus and would not have opened them.

  rdave13 20:03 15 Mar 2013

Did you remove Avast using the removal tool in safe mode? It doesn't uninstall properly if not. That could be the problem. uninstall-utility. You can still run the utility now, if you haven't.

For years I've used Avast but had problems with it with Windows 8 64-bit. I've noticed a few posts here having some kind of a problem with Avast. So I removed it and now use AVG 2013 with no nagging or problems.

Still running Avast 8 on XP and it looks ok.

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