TalkTalk problems

  User-B4AC5E45-C5DF-44A7-80B2B7B8113A6C82 14:24 10 Oct 2010

Looking over the topics posted on this Helproom front page the name TalkTalk seems to be a factor in many of the complaints/problems. I, too, have had several outages since joining TT a month ago, my phone line and therefore BB was off for over 10 hours about a week ago and in the last two days (as dedailed in another thread) I have extreme difficulty in getting Internet access if I close down the comp and restart later - better to just leave it "on".

Could TalkTalk be biting off more than it can chew with its rapid growth?

Any other TalkTalk problems?

  lotvic 15:22 10 Oct 2010

It depends on which exchange you've got. Check on TalkTalk's Service Dashboard for status of your Exchange click here menu in lefthand column
Don't forget that (except cable)all ISP's depend on BT' wiring between 'A' to 'B' so that may be a factor as well.

  woodchip 15:22 10 Oct 2010

been with them about two years get a very good connection, only had problems at the beginning, I think it was up to about three months after I joined them. Good download and upload speed up to about 7meg down and 850kbps upload. BT just putting Optic Cable in, so should then get the free upgrade to 20meg from talktalk when its connected as it all comes down BT lines

I understand that TalkTalk (and others) use BT lines, what I couldn't understand was why my line was out and yet the next door neighbour (still with BT and fed from the same Pole as me) was still up and running!?

  lotvic 15:33 10 Oct 2010

Is your exchange unbundled? if so then at exchange it goes through the talktalk 'box of bits' and that might be having problems/work done on it.
Can only say check the status (as previous) to see if it's a known fault or if you may have to report it.

Yep, it's unbundled - only note for it is that it has limited capacity for new customers.

  lotvic 16:04 10 Oct 2010

looks like you're all having to fight for the available bandwidth/connections then :)
Try connecting at different times of the day, when you get a good one leave your router on even when pc is switched off, so that router will train to that speed.

Have you looked at your router's homepage stats?

The router has always been left on (when PC off) but I have recently noticed that when I go to start up the PC again the "Internet" light is out and that is when the trouble starts - the light comes on when the PC starts up but I cannot open any webpages even though the comp says it has internet access. the last two days it has taken at least 2 hours to regain access to the internet.

I've more or less decided to let the comp run 24/7.

Where do I find the router's homepage stats?

  cocteau48 16:26 10 Oct 2010

"Where do I find the router's homepage stats?"

Type into your browser search bar (not into Google)

When it asks for username and password type "admin"
(without quotes) for both.


  lotvic 16:40 10 Oct 2010

surely you have been into your router's homepage before - to set it up - as you have only been with TalkTalk for a month?

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