Talktalk - not receiving email on Outlook 2003

  onthelimit1 14:22 07 Feb 2013

Set up a friends new laptop (W7) with Outlook 2003. Was working fine for a few days, but he has not received any mail since Monday. I set up a Teamviewer session with him today. There is mail in his inbox on webmail. When I click send/receive on Outlook, it processes the tasks OK, but no mail arrives. When I go into his account and hit the test settings button, all tests complete with a green tick.

Before I get him to suffer the pain of ringing TT, is there anything I've missed that I could try? Thanks.

  Woolwell 14:35 07 Feb 2013

Odd - Does the test email arrive ok?

Suggest that there may be a setting in webmail but I don't use Talktalk so not sure.

  onthelimit1 14:58 07 Feb 2013

No. The test email shows on the webmail, but doesn't arrive at the laptop. He has Avast, so wondering if that may be blocking somehow (but odd that all was well for a few days before this started). He's out for the rest of the afternoon.

  Woolwell 15:14 07 Feb 2013

It could well be the incoming settings. Needs to look at the advance settings and check port number and also worthwhile adjusting the server time out to around 3 - 4 minutes.

  onthelimit1 15:57 07 Feb 2013

OK thanks. I'll get onto that in the morning.

  xox101 16:31 07 Feb 2013

Why does he use TT for email? Is there a reason he has to? TT has a shocking record when it comes to keeping their email up and running. He would perhaps be far better off with a webmail service like Google which isn't dependent on his service provider remembering to pay the electricity bill!

And yes...I am a former TT customer!

  xox101 16:33 07 Feb 2013

Just reread your original post and it isn't clear which email service he is using so I may have jumped the gun a little.

  onthelimit1 18:10 07 Feb 2013

xox - he's been using his Tiscali email address for years (now taken over by TT)and is reluctant to change (I did try to persuade him to go for a gmail address). The fact the emails are on the server does seem to point to something blocking them at the laptop end.

  spuds 19:43 07 Feb 2013

You could try an experiment to see if the laptop is causing a 'block'.

Use, then use the Tiscali username and password, but first check and use 'advanced security' for padlock safety on the opening homepage. This should transfer any email to the laptop, if it will accept them, if there is no 'block'. You should have a choice of how you want the emails displayed, if they transfer.

  spuds 19:48 07 Feb 2013

Something might be wrong with the link. Try or put the link into a Google search.

  onthelimit1 08:51 08 Feb 2013

Thanks spuds - I'll give it a try when I set up a Teamviewer session later today.

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