talktalk is it down ? staines area

  sunnystaines 14:18 06 Apr 2010

no phone line, no internet, but router and wifi show signal.

rang talktalk this morning had a dreadful time the support section spoke poor english in a strong dialect, don't think he understood the problem said would call back but never did.

now ran out on PAYG mobile trying to get through again, had to buy a "3" voucher for dongel to get on the net.

  muddypaws 15:11 06 Apr 2010

No doubt linked to the outage at BT Paddington last Wednesday. I had no broadband from then until Saturday morning. Their syatus page shows problems in Heathfiels and Newhaven areas at present.

  muddypaws 15:11 06 Apr 2010


  muddypaws 15:12 06 Apr 2010

Must be my keyboard!!!
Should also read Heathfield.

  sunnystaines 17:02 06 Apr 2010

got phone working still no internet.

router dsl light on internet light off.

  woodchip 17:16 06 Apr 2010

Turn the Router off at the router may be a button or switch on router turn back on after about a minute My TalkTalk is working okay hear at Penistone near Sheffield

  sunnystaines 17:26 06 Apr 2010

thanks, turned of router at main then restarted all ok now. never had a problem since been connected with talktalk just hope if i ever get problems again they employ some better staff.

  sunnystaines 17:32 06 Apr 2010

apparently server in the area was down, wish they had said so on their web.

  ronalddonald 18:49 06 Apr 2010

if the server was down how would you know its down since the router isn't working due to server being down, how would they let you know by posting on their website since you wouldn't be able to access it since the server is down you got it.

  TopCat® 18:51 06 Apr 2010

Have you not installed the 'Talk Talk Assist and Go' software loaded from their CD? This CD comes in their joining pack which contains the new router together with full set-up instructions. TC.

  sunnystaines 18:58 06 Apr 2010

no, the gear arrived after the internet went live so just changed the password on my present router which has worked ok till the exchange server broke down.

what advantages would i get if i changed to 'Talk Talk Assist and Go' because the help line support was extremley frustrating I do not think the operator understood broadband at all and his bad dialect made his poor english dreadful.

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