talktalk email on more than 1 computer

  tAtu*! 13:48 02 Feb 2010

Hi all

my friend has a desktop PC and a laptop. on her desktop she uses outlook express for her email client with a talktalk email account.(no problems there)
on ger laptop I have put thunderbird on and set up the same talktalk account on thunderbird. For some reason, emals do not come through on it. Likewise if she goes on th the webmail (talktalk site) the emails are not saved on the server.

There was an error message on thunderbird stating that was not secure and that removal of log in and password should be selected?

I have looked on talk talk forums and can't find any resolution?

Any help would be appreciated in helpling me setup talktalk email on thunderbired and finding out where the webmail copy is going?

Thanks in advance

  Sea Urchin 13:56 02 Feb 2010

Thunderbird should be set up in exactly the same way as Outlook Express. Where is the webmail copy going? It's going to Outlook Express, when it will be removed from the server.

If you also want to access it on Thunderbird you need to go into OE and go to Tools - Accounts - Properties and on the Advanced tab select "Leave a copy of messages on the server" click Apply and OK.

  Clapton is God 13:57 02 Feb 2010

If your friend has already downloaded her e-mails to the PC, that's where they are.

She can't expect to be able to download them again to her laptop or see them at webmail.

  tAtu*! 14:08 02 Feb 2010

thanks for the replies.

I selected 'leave a copy on the server' in OE but for some reason it is not doing that? Would I be right in thinking that the only realistic way for her to view the emails on the laptop would be via webmail (if I can get OE to leave a copy on there?)


  Sea Urchin 20:07 02 Feb 2010

If it's not leaving a copy on the server then she will not be able to access it via webmail - if it's not on the server it has gone. Have you checked on the webmail site to see if the messages have stayed there?

What I would suggest is that you give the instruction to leave messages on the server on both Thunderbird and Outlook Express. Then it won't matter in which order you access them. Below that instruction you will see a box saying "Remove from server after xx days" - put the same number of days on both computers and click Apply and OK - if you don't do that then the messages will stay there for ever, and eventually it will become clogged up and stop working.

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