TalkTalk Disconnections

  ame 10:12 13 May 2011

Over the last few months my pc's have been suffering more and more internet disconnections, despite having years of trouble-free service before and not changing anything at home. The phone line is not noisy and both the Belkin F5D7632-4 ADSL and Internet lights stay on during the disconnects. Can anyone tell me why the lights stay on without flashing and where the fault might be as a result? TalkTalk certainly can't sort the problem it would appear, even though I suspect the problem is at their end. When I plug in my old Thomson Speedtouch 330 usb broadband modem I still get disconnections and the ADSL light stays on with that too, so I don't think the router is faulty.

  mgmcc 11:43 13 May 2011

I think you've already established that the problem lies with the ADSL service and not with your own hardware. Your ISP, TalkTalk, needs to get to the bottom of the disconnections issue and fix it.

  ame 12:15 13 May 2011

Thanks mgmcc. Problem seems to get worse in afternoon and evening, so that also suggests bigger problems when their service gets busier. Tried 3 times so far to get TalkTalk to fix it, but no joy so far, despite the problem being "escalated" and my calling the cancellations dept. and saying I will be leaving them if not fixed. They offered to send me an engineer or a free router. Not impressed at all by the technical abilities of the staff at their Indian call centre either. When I tell them both router lights stay on there seems to be an ominous silence and they go off to do checks and say they'll call me back. No difference. All this after many trouble-free years with Tiscali as well! And this morning I am now getting disconnects with the Internet light going off whilst waiting for a call back....none so far. Doh!

  ame 19:31 13 May 2011

Update:- There is something weird here. Cannot access webpages for long due to frequent disconnects but Skype and son's online gaming keep working. How can that be?

  ame 14:00 20 May 2011

Seems to have been the router after all. Bought a new one and disconnections seem to have far.

  spuds 10:04 27 May 2011


What are your speeds now since changing the router, have they changed?.

What router did Talk Talk supply, and what have you changed it for?.

Would also mention that if your complaint was escalated to 'higher level complaints', then you should have not been dealing with a call centre in India, but with a 'regional' office here in the UK.

The reason why I have mentioned the above, is because it would be interesting to find out, because I am having long term problems with Talk Talk, on similar issues to yourself.

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