TalkTalk dial-up services to cease (tiscali, lineone, screaming, worldonline, tinyonline etc. etc.)

  Batch 09:58 15 Apr 2013

Dialled in this a.m. and got the following email from TalkTalk (as far I can see the email is generated because I dialled in - so if you are using these services without dialling in occasionally I guess you will not have seen this):-

Important information on your TalkTalk dial up internet service

Dear TalkTalk customer,

At TalkTalk we are continually working to bring you better value and make your home better off with improved services.

Great news, you can upgrade to TalkTalk Broadband!

As part of our better value commitment we are upgrading our dial-up internet services to broadband, the quickest and easiest way to access the internet.

To upgrade, all you need to do is call 0808 108 0501 our team will recommend the best package for you. Packages start from just £6.50 a month for unlimited broadband (plus standard line rental) and it's really simple to switch.

What does this mean?

Unfortunately, if you decide not to upgrade, we will be discontinuing your dial up service on 30th April 2013. You'll no longer be able to access the internet using your dial-up service after this date.

Your email address, webmail (,,,, and and web space (if you have a website) will remain available, however we are unable to provide you with customer support for these services, whether or not you sign-up to TalkTalk broadband.

Call to upgrade

To upgrade to broadband, simply call 0808 108 0501 and a member of our team will recommend the best package for you. It's really simple and only takes a moment.

Thank you for being a TalkTalk customer.

Kind regards,

Nigel Pearson Senior Director, Customer Services

  spuds 11:01 15 Apr 2013

Its possibly obvious now, that TalkTalk and most ISP regard dial-up obsolete as far as their services are concerned.

Seeing some of the package deals on offer nowadays, I cannot understand why people still want to remain with dial-up?.

The £6.50 deal being offered by TalkTalk, can be further discounted to about half price if you use TT latest promotional offers.

  Batch 11:32 15 Apr 2013

I agree, but like a number of people I still have old active email addresses that are associated with dial-up accounts. They have remained live and (in the case of TalkTalk) seems like they will continue to do so and so see no pressing need to change (yet). They have the advantage that they transcend BB ISP changes (as would using the likes of gmail, gmx etc.).

Another advantage of a dial-up service is that if your broadband goes down you can still get online, albeit rather slowly.

  Woolwell 12:46 15 Apr 2013

I haven't had a pc (desktop or laptop) with a modem to be able to use with dial-up for some years.

You don't need to use dial-up to access the old email addresses. You should be able to access them through broadband.

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