TalkTalk broadband speed and cable testing.

  the.hick 19:33 04 Feb 2019

I have issues with TT broadband speed. Should be average of 11Mb/s, which it once was, mine is now down to 3 Mb/s. TT inform me they can find no faults on their network which I believe includes the cable into my house, so I now presume I have fault in 'phone or router wiring indoors. The router and its wiring is a new replacement from TT, so I now need to know, how to test the wiring from the first phone-point box downstairs, to the socket at end of the phone cable upstairs which the router wire plugs into. This is something new to me, and any guidance on this procedure would be most appreciated, thank you.

  difarn 21:49 04 Feb 2019

Are you saying that you have the router plugged into a phone extension point? If so have you tried your router plugged directly into the main phone point to see if that affects the speed?

  john bunyan 22:20 04 Feb 2019

That is the first thing TT will suggest. Over many years I have had occasional problems with them on the same lines; In my case it made no difference, it was always an external issue. Worth a test though . I only get 8 mbps, the contract speed but am shortly changing to fibre to the cabinet from Plusnet; over many years TT service has been poor although slightly improved recently.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:49 05 Feb 2019

Hick, the first thing one should do when the Internet plays up in any way is to turn the router off for a couple of minutes then turn it back on. If that doesn't help then read on: I now need to know, how to test the wiring from the first phone-point box downstairs............

Locate your master socket, remove the two screws on the face-plate, then very carefully pull it away a bit taking care not to damage the thin wires attached to it. Beneath that plate there should be a hidden phone socket. Connect your router to that socket then check your speeds again. If they're the same then the fault lies outside your property and it's TT's responsibility to sort it out.

  the.hick 12:45 05 Feb 2019

Thank you all for your replies, most useful. Speed was 11Mb/s in the upstairs room at one time. However, I shall test the downstairs master-socket with the spare router, on my laptop, to save me bringing the main PC and router downstairs.

  lotvic 15:47 05 Feb 2019

I shall test the downstairs master-socket with the spare router, on my laptop

Remember to use an Ethernet cable connection to the router and not the laptops WiFi

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