TalkTalk Broadband speed

  Mike_R 18:33 15 Mar 2010

I've been running the speedtest on my nominal 8MB TalkTalk line as I have been unhappy with the response since they took over Tiscali. (I can,t say that Tiscali were that great either.)

During today Ive been getting speeds of upto 5MB but since 1800 it has dropped to speeds from 200K to 800K. Because of the variation, I assume that the problem would be at the TalkTalk end, and not with my set up.

The reason that I'm asking is that I have raised the problem with TalkTalk before only to be told that there is no problem with the line and to check my equipment.

My desktop is on Vista, connected by ethernet to a Netgear DG834DG router, and thence by a 5m cable to the telephone junction box. A line splitter goes to a telephone and two exensions. Hard wired into the back of the junction box without a splitter is a line to the burglar alarm.

The response on my laptop running under Windows7 is no better.

  User-1229748 21:49 15 Mar 2010

is your router the dg834g version 5 or is it as you said the dg834dg ?

  Mike_R 22:53 15 Mar 2010

The router is DG834GT Firmware version V1.02.19.
During the evening, line speed has been around 300Kps. At the moment, the speed is 5.66Mps. Everyone else in bed?

  User-1229748 00:06 16 Mar 2010

sorry i asked whether it was the dg834gv5 because i have 2 of them off virgin.are the speed drops at the same times each day?what i would try is just running one of the pc's from the bt test socket for a day as it seems you have many things that could be causing interferrence.

  Mike_R 09:36 16 Mar 2010

Speed at 6 to 8M at the moment. It drops off dramatically in the evenings. I am g0ing away for a few days but will do as you suggest next week. I can't isolate the burglar alarm, though.

  Andy_H 22:32 06 Apr 2010


I have TalkTalk free broadband, which I signed up to over 2 years ago. It has never been brilliant, but in the last 2-3 weeks performance in the evenings has dropped through the floor. My exchange is in Harrow.

Yesterday I logged a complaint about the speed on the TalkTalk 'contact us' page, and that took over 5 minutes to load. I know its not likely to be related, but they obviously have some serious server issues or a heck of a lot of people contacting them.

  KremmenUK 07:23 07 Apr 2010

Try changing to OpenDNS instead of using the TT servers.

or consider switching to a LLU ISP

  robin_x 22:43 08 Apr 2010

The alarm also needs a BB filter. Do you have one plugged in?

Going anywhere nice?

  robin_x 22:44 08 Apr 2010

That is if it has a telephone connection

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