Mr "B" 21:32 10 Jan 2007

Evening - I'm thinking about changing my telephone connection from BT to talktalk as they seem to be offering a good deal at the moment - does anyone have any advise on whether or not talktalk are any good in respect of internet connection. The trouble is you hear of all of these good deals going on and then when you change the internet connection freezes and stops etc and i don't wanna change if i'm gonna be worse off. Cheers.

  prb 22:39 10 Jan 2007

Personally we have had brilliant service from TalkTalk both in terms of speed of setting up, and also the ongoing service. Many people including my brother have experienced long waits to recieve the service, and then once it is set up the connection speed s relatively slow.

  Green Army 15:13 11 Jan 2007

i have been waiting five months and counting for my BB to be connected

  Trojan 17:01 13 Jan 2007

Hi Mr B I have been with talk talk now for almost a year and no probs, easy set up good connection good service, and the best is it is all for £19.99 a month includes all calls to 01 and 02 numbers and broadband included, they have got BT worried, go for it, after all you can always go back to BT they send me letters almost every week to go back, no way, good luck

  fire261 18:51 13 Jan 2007

yeh i have been with talktalk for nearly 7 months now and also no problems

  crazyhorse678 22:53 14 Jan 2007

My personal experience with TalkTalk has been abysmal. 10 phone calls over a period of 6 weeks (allowing 5-7 working days to get the service running in between)just to setup the standard 1571 voicemail and Caller Display - when i returned to BT they did it in 12 hours! As for the Broadband, that never happened..... they continually lost my MAC code, and in the end, after 3 months, i gave up and cancelled my direct debit and took up the package that Orange offered and went back to BT. incidentally, they let me out of the contract with no penalties, having admitted that the service was 'poor'.

call centres, when i used them, 15 minutes was a quick response time in the queue, 30 mins average; the most i had to wait was 45, but i know of some who have waited up to 90 minutes in queues. When you get through, the line quality is often poor, and the dialet of the operator too broad to have efficient communication, especially regarding more technical matters.

okay, it's a good deal, but you do get what you pay for, and customer support is where it is lacking here, though unfortunately their service is poor too. my brother is with them now (unfortunaely due to my recommendation)and experiencing problems.... but that's another story!

personally, i'd advise you to spend a little more money per month and get a quality ISP.

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