Talk Talk/AOL/Netgear issue???

  koolherc 23:00 13 Dec 2008

Hi there,

jus switched to Talk Talk phone service and have AOL wireless package. My modem is Netgear DG834G v3. I keep gettin outtages or internet drop outs. Talk Talk have said this is a AOL issue and vice versa. Could it be modem configuration or one blaming the other?? Any1 else have this same issue??

Pls help!!

  FatboySlim71 23:20 13 Dec 2008

Log into your router by opening your Internet browser and enter h t t p://

Remove the spaces between the htt etc.

Once you are logged into your router, there should be a part at the bottom with a tab called SHOW STATISTICS, click on this and tell me what your DOWNSTREAM noise margin is.

  koolherc 14:19 14 Dec 2008

jus logged into router config and the stats are:

downstream 160kps
upstream 448kps

  brundle 14:23 14 Dec 2008

Those are your speeds, not your noise margins

  brundle 14:24 14 Dec 2008

MTU should be 1432 for AOL/TalkTalk - which ISP were you with before? The settings may need changing click here

  koolherc 15:26 14 Dec 2008

Im with AOL wireless broadband have been with AOL for years, not on Talk Talk internet. Been on AOL help page and system msg on there sayin that the system is havin problems and outages are possible. This has been happening to me for a few days now and when a call comes in on landline my internet connection cuts out.

Have checked all cables and filter boxes etc

  brundle 15:28 14 Dec 2008

"when a call comes in on landline my internet connection cuts out" - wiring or signal problem.

Even more reason to post your line stats; click here

  FatboySlim71 22:36 14 Dec 2008

160kps is very slow. I presume you are on an up to 8 meg package?

What is your noise margin?

Follow my earlier instructions to find it out.

  gibfish26 16:47 08 Jan 2010

hi all,which wireless modem router would you suggest for use with talktalk,i am still on the smart AX MT882.just ordered a laptop for general use around the house as well as desktop.i have windows 7 os.many thanks.

  gibfish26 16:49 08 Jan 2010

sorry ignore the last post,should be new post.

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