Talk Talk Wireless Router with Tiscali

  fionagrant1 16:44 25 Jun 2007

I bought a wireless router click here from eBuyer for my parents - great price and appeared to be a good bit of kit but for the life of me I cannot get online. The signal strength is 100%, the adapter appears to be talking to the router but neither are talking to tiscali. Can anyone help? I have tried for 3 days re configuring the network settings and so has my sister, neither of us can sort it. I have tried disabling Norton and the windows firewall, individually and at the same time.

  brundle 17:04 25 Jun 2007

Have you been able to get into the router settings?

Internet explorer address bar, type


remove the space, it will be turned into a `click here` without it

  fionagrant1 19:52 25 Jun 2007

Yes, I did and put them all to the settings as advised by another user on eBuyer but to no avail...

This is the guys posting on ebuyer:

Setting up the router was easy compared to many I've tried. I'd give the hardware 5 stars and the documentation and software 2. If you can spend a few minutes on the SMC site getting their manual (see the previous review and thanks to the poster) then you'll have no trouble. WPA2 works fine, connection speed excellent in a house which kills many wireless cards.

BUT the driver install fails for the USB stick in Win2000 (fine in XP for me). If you are not using TalkTalk then when installing the driver in XP just cancel the config wizard that starts after you are prompted to plug the stick in. Then Windows will handle the connection faultlessly (YMMV).

For the person who asked about Tiscali just copy all settings from your previous router. I suspect the MTU is at least one problem as it should be 1492 and not the default. Here are my settings:

ISP Settings
Protocol PPoA
VPI/VCI 0/38
Encapsulation VC Mux
QoS Class UBR
PCR/SCR/MBS 4000/4000/10
IP assigned by ISP Yes
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Connect Type Always Connected
Idle Time (Minute) 30 (probably should be 0)
Username ******
Confirm Password
MTU 1492

I haven't yet started on the NAT/virtual server config but it looks fairly normal.

Summary: easily worth the money but perhaps only for those who have set up a router or two before.

  brundle 15:50 26 Jun 2007

The router should pick up an IP address from Tiscali - take a look at these settings and make sure they correspond; click here

In addition, switch the whole lot off for 5 minutes, power up router, wait a minute or two, power up PC - then try to access the configuration pages and see if
the router has established a connection.

  mikesuther 16:50 26 Jun 2007

Hi,I am not sure if this is of any help but if the above settings are what you are using to conect to tiscali i have a suggestion.changethe protocol to pppoe, as for user name i believe that is your email address followed by password which is the password you were assigned by tiscali on your welcome letter and not the password you set for your email. you may have done this already but just thought it was worth a try. i used to be on Tiscali and changed to talktalk and i use a belkin router.

it seems that your adapter is talking to the router but the router has not got a connection to the internet. that being the case i would suggest that your only problem is that your login details are needing to be clarified if all else fails you couldcall tiscali and see if they can help. I hope this helps regards Mike

  fionagrant1 16:59 26 Jun 2007

Thanks so much to everyone who replied. I have decided that for the sake of my sanity and for the sake of my parent's PC that I should stay away from it for a few days and then I will try what has been suggested.

I did contact tiscali but they were about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

again, thanks so much for your help, when I get it sorted I will mark this as completed.

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