talk talk wireless router

  uma09 21:42 13 Aug 2007

talk talk wireless connection

hi there could some one please help me i cant get my EchoLife HG520s router to pick up a connection without my cables.i have my wireless usb on but it dosent pick it up what should i do.i have also tryd my ps3 but 0 there.hope some one can help.

  Kate B 01:30 15 Aug 2007

Does your PS3 pick up the wireless connection? If not, then something's up with your router. Have you actually got the wireless enabled on it?

Also, have you installed the drivers for your wireless USB dongle? It won't work unless you do.

  uma09 17:05 15 Aug 2007

the ps3 dosent pick up the router eather yes every thing is instaled

  chann 00:12 31 Aug 2007

does the following exist, i would like to know instead of running a telephone extension line to my laptop computer to connect to the internet does a wireless system so I have been told called bluetooth exist still?

  graham-1178453 20:56 01 Sep 2007

have you had a wireless connection at all?

  woodchip 16:32 02 Sep 2007

You have tyo go into router settings, make a note of the SSID and any passwords or user setting names. put these in the wireless computer settings box

  ambra4 23:43 08 Sep 2007

Go this posting and download the manual first

click here

Then check this posting on how to set up the EchoLife HG520 Router and your computer

Will save you a lot of time and headache

click here

  ambra4 23:45 08 Sep 2007

Sorry wrong posting

click here

  Bob 9876 08:58 10 Sep 2007

I have purchased this router but I just cannot get it set-up, the instructions are not to me very clear, can anyone offer some advice as to my way forward please.

  ambra4 11:48 10 Sep 2007

Bob 9876

It would be better if you start a new thread with the same subject as you would get any reply sent to you via your email all reply on your problem would be sent to umao9

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