Talk Talk Slow

  thumbscrew 19:35 07 May 2012

Anyone on Talk Talk finding the Home Page slow loading...mine's timing out.

  muddypaws 21:17 07 May 2012

"Some Data Customers are experiencing Slow Data Speed at Wheathampstead Exchange." Are you in that area. No probs here.

  john bunyan 21:29 07 May 2012

I am with their Pipex subsidiary, and use Google as home page. No problems here.(Hampshire)

  thumbscrew 21:53 07 May 2012

Thanks both, I'm in South Wales. Historically I know that Talk Talk are slow to update their service status page (Which can render it meaningless!)Still slow, guess I'll wait it out.

  Housten 10:20 08 May 2012

john bunyan,

Sorry to contradict you but I live in North Hampshire and for the last 20 hours or so I and my wife can click on 'My Mail' and then we start the wait, and wait and wait!!! Neither of us can get in and see if there is email for us, not quite as bad as when, for the last few weeks I have got in and read an email, and then when clicking on 'Close' you find yourself back to the login - and have been logged out!! Must admit that it was a novelty the first twice, but after the 20th occasion it gets more than annoying! You can complain, but all you get is some stock answer that they consider to be an answer but in reality it does nothing of the sort. This has happened only since Dido Harding and TalkTalk took over, they have I suppose been trying to integrate tiscali and TalkTalk, and the best you can say is that - including the 'customer service' - they have been pretty hopeless. For evidence of this see the 'Daily Mail's' wooden spoon for the worst customer service, TalkTalk has 'won' it two years running. Having won it once wouldn't you think an effort would have been made to stop them winning it again? Third time lucky, this year?

  spuds 10:40 08 May 2012

Like 'Housten' my TalkTalk webmail as been very poor over the past few days (waiting or will not download), plus the odd disconnection, something that I suffered on many occasions in the past, when TT as its off days. Their usual response is that its maintenance or server fault, but 'they are working on it?'.

No point in writing to the powers in being, because they appear to ignore your letters, and pass them on to a lower staff level, who then responds in a confused way. I am once again trying to contact the director responsible Nigel Pearson for customer services by letter, but its proving to be a very lost and frustrating cause. Dido Harding who is the CEO is just as bad. Then they advertise that they are winners of various 'best' awards?.

  lotvic 10:58 08 May 2012

You will prob get more response and action on your probs on via the OCE's (Online Community Executives) who can gain access to your account and help you and hopefully sort out any issues you have. (at very least you will find out if others have got same prob)

  Housten 11:02 08 May 2012

Sorry I shouild also have said that sending an email complaint to them, in my situation, is of absolutely no use whatsoever. I learnt this a lomg time ago, again when I couldn't get in, and they gave me a response. Unfortunately they sent an email - I had told them not to bother doing that as I couldn't get in, but they did. So I found it 3 or 4 days later when I finally managed to get, and the reply? Useless rubbish. As spuds confirms - and thank you for that; it is nice to know you are not the only one - their service is apalling.

  thumbscrew 12:26 08 May 2012

It's the inevitable result of expansion...happens each and every time, the bigger they get, the worse customer service becomes. Any large organization ends up incommunicado (Unless of course they want you to upgrade your package, then they're instantly available!). I too wrote to their head response and I now expect nothing more. I try and tell myself there's a funny side, or remind myself that in this increasingly atrocious planet we inhabit, perhaps my niggles are miniscule compared to the real grief suffered by many poor souls. On an obliquely related note, has anyone ever seen a more mirthless smile than the one pasted on Richard Branson's face?

  john bunyan 12:58 08 May 2012


I agree their service is appalling. I only stay with them as the fuss of changing e mails is delaying me. However after a good go at them last year I am getting 9 - 10 mbps on an "up to 8mbps" contract and they agreed a one month rolling contract. Also I hardly ever get spam now.I do live quite close to an exchange, and this helps.I found, like others that the only way to complain is by phone; e Mails are a waste of time.

  Ventad 14:26 08 May 2012

I think their forum (TalkTalk Members area) is the best place to get things sorted although it is not same day problem sorting, the OCE's only work office hours but they certainly do a good job. I was a pipex customer and was getting 10Mbps from Pipex once they changed me over I was just scraping 9Mbps put my problem on the Forum and once the OCE's had worked their way up to my problem they sorted it out and I get 12.4Mbps now and have been like that for 5 months.

Most of there problems are caused by the Indian and South African telephone centres by reading the forum complaints, but I understand that TalkTalk are going to open 3 call centres in UK (at last sence is starting to prevail)

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