Talk Talk Reliability

  missinglink 17:28 04 Dec 2006

Hi All,

I'm looking into joining the TalkTalk service from the Carphone Warehouse, but would be interested to get any feedback anyone has as to how reliable their services are. Having spoken to them, it appears they have 'unbundled' their broadband network from BT, so it is now all controlled by talktalk. The phones network is still maintained by BT, although the rental payments are made to talktalk. My concern is if the telephone system goes wrong, will BT be as efficient with the repairs as they would be with a BT customer (cynical, I know!).

If anyone has had any experiences with this, I would be interested to hear you comments.


  Technotiger 17:37 04 Dec 2006

The only experience I have had with Talk Talk was a bad one. A friend told TalkTalk that I might be interested in seeing their BB offer, to which I agreed but only to see their costs, so that I could compare. The next thing I know is a letter from my BB provider, saying that they are sorry I am moving to TalkTalk, but wishing me all the best. I have been with my present provider for about five years and am very happy with the service.

TalkTalk had, without my permission transferred me to their own service - I very quickly put an immediate stop to that and told TalkTalk what they could do with their service.

I am with BT, and have never had any problems with them from Day One.


  Stuartli 19:34 04 Dec 2006

I'm with TalkTalk and, initially, there were problems on the BB side getting connected (this was in the early days of the "free" BB offer), but once it was sorted out the service and connection speeds have been very good.

I was already with One.Tel (now a TT company) so the phones switchover was done after just three weeks.

Since joining TT I've saved on average about £15 a month on BB, phones and line rental (latter paid by TT to BT).

  Stuartli 19:35 04 Dec 2006

Due to move over to TT's LLU "up to 8MB" service from February.

  missinglink 09:10 07 Dec 2006

Thanks for the feedback. It's more the ongoing reliability that concerns me, so it's reasurring that you've had no problems since the initial switchover, Stuartli.


  Stuartli 10:40 07 Dec 2006

Just another point about TalkTalk regarding connection speeds, which have been very reliable at between 1.8MB and just over 1.9MB at virtually all times - occasional drop to 1.5MB to 1.6MB.

These are just about as good as it gets with a 2MB connection and far more consistent than previously experienced with Tiscali over 15 months.

  sea urchin 12:26 07 Dec 2006

TT's admin in a shambles, but once I was connected and up and running I have been extremely happy with the service - both phone and broadband. And they have one of the best webmail sites I have seen

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