Talk Talk or my network?

  Fullywired 12:20 12 Jul 2006

hey guys!

i'm having major network issues at the moment and im pretty sure its Talk Talk but i want to be sure before i go and rant at them over their premium rate number.

i have a 3Com wireless router, 2 wireless adaptors (on PCMCIA on laptop and 1 on my PC upstairs) and 1 PC connected via RJ45 Cable.

my problem is getting internet access, my connection status varies between "Limited or No Connectivity", "unable to connect to wireless network" and "Connected" on PCs using XP Pro. On my PC which is running Wondows Vista i often get a "local only" status which allows me to connect to other PCs on the network but not to the internet and it also varies between the other Connection Status'.

Another problem i have is when i am connected, i often get speeds below dial up despite having a 1Mb/s connection which happens mostly during the day but now that i am off school, that is the time i use the internet most, not often for downloads but mostly for browsing and i still get these pathetic speeds.

Before i started using the wireless network, i had a standard modem supplied by Talk Talk and this was constantly disconnectinf and giving slow speeds, also we had to disconnect all phone sockets in the house (except the main one) before talk talk would even get a connection, however now i understand that this can be the fault of dodgy wiring.

Any help appreciated



  spikeychris 12:41 12 Jul 2006

First thing I would do is flush the DNS and try again.

Open a command prompt and type the below

ipconfig /flushdns

Then type ipconfig /release

Then ipconfig /renew

  Fullywired 12:55 12 Jul 2006

cheers! disconnected and reconnect the network after this and it connected straight away, still not at full download speed but it has increased!

lets hope it stays that way!



  Fullywired 15:39 12 Jul 2006

sorry, this did not remain fixed for long, also i have been using the wired PC and it also loses internet connectivity from time to time.



  ade.h 16:06 12 Jul 2006

Time to try fixed IPs, methinks. How you do that will depend on your router, but on the client, you'll enter your network adapter's properties and then select the TCP/IP properties, where you can choose to assign fixed IPs. Obviously, the corresponding change will have to be made to the router. Study the PDF manual for details.

  spikeychris 18:02 12 Jul 2006

I agree with ade.h, use static’s rather that auto assign.

  ade.h 18:17 12 Jul 2006

It's good to see you around in Networking, spikeychris. We can always use more "staffers"!

  spikeychris 19:38 12 Jul 2006

Hello ade.h, do you play with networks as well?

  ade.h 20:08 12 Jul 2006

Yep, you can usually find me lurking around this section of the forum!

  Fullywired 20:22 12 Jul 2006

my IPs are fixed, 3 PCs using the network are set to to makes it much easier to access either computer that way!

Regards Fully

  ade.h 20:32 12 Jul 2006

Sorted? Excellent.

Give your thread a tick, by the way; it helps others with similar issues.

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