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Talk Talk Homepage Slow Loading

  Anon-796442 12:12 07 Dec 2012

My Talk Talk Homepage is taking an age to load....occasionally times out...anyone similar?

  Anon-316666 12:19 07 Dec 2012

Same for me, Wirral area, using Chrome, won't even load although e-mails are coming through ok on OE. ...alB

  Anon-796442 12:31 07 Dec 2012

Sounds like them once again!! Just recovered from another email problem...I've lost count of how many times that's happened, literally dozens. Something goes wrong with TT, somewhere, every day...frigging disgraceful!

  Anon-335915 22:17 07 Dec 2012

Can Get Home Page ok, but cannot get to my account page

  Anon-335915 22:18 07 Dec 2012

Turned Java Script of and Got this what I have Copied Pasted for you

Login message Scheduled maintenance:

My Account will be unavailable between OUTAGESTART and OUTAGEEND due to technical upgrade. Thankyou for your understanding.

  Anon-321355 12:08 08 Dec 2012

Its back to normal today, but what do you call normal with TT?.

If you change to another ISP, you will no doubt have similar problems from time to time. Perhaps better the devil you know, than the devil you don't?.

  Anon-796442 17:08 08 Dec 2012

Historically spuds,this TT devil must be Beelzebub plus all his little demon helpers. I've been with them for some years and Tiscali...before we were all forced to migrate, for a couple of years before that. Sparing you the grisly details, but it's been one consistent, regular, never ending series of glitches, outtages and prime cock-ups. And the really infuriating thing is that many of these problems...and of these the email disconnections are the worst, keep repeating themselves seemingly endlessly! Even though it's happened a multitude of times before,did they learn, fix and solve? NEGATIVE, because a short time after said outtage, it happens again...same problem as before, but they treat it as if it's the first and only time. fix that one, short while later and it's back and it goes on and on and flipping on. Spuds, I'm no expert on the dark arts, but as devils go, they can't be much worse than this shower!Any exorcists out there?

  Anon-796442 18:21 08 Dec 2012

Hello rdave, sadly I'm tied in to another year of a renewed 18 month contract. They offered me a wireless router if I renewed, and my old modem was playing up. However thank god for Gmail...never lets me down, unlike too many other organisations on this planet. I'll end by quoting a short passage from a recently published money section of a national newspaper..."For the third year running Talk Talk are in line for the rotten service wooden spoon award. They are more interested in acquiring new customers than looking after the ones they already have"

  Anon-335915 21:17 08 Dec 2012

why not register with aol mail its free to get a e.mail address though i am with talktalk i use aol mail, have been for years and never seem to have any problems other than i had to change my password as it got stolen and was being used to spam

  Anon-796442 22:49 08 Dec 2012

Thanks guys, yes I use Gmail frequently and what an indictment of TT that is.

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