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  EFC1878 12:29 15 Aug 2008

I have been directed towards a Talk Talk calls and broadband package which seems almost too good to b true.

Has anybody used this - it is soemthing like free braodband and telephone calls of £15 per month

  Stuartli 13:24 15 Aug 2008

I've been on TalkTalk's International3 AnyTime package since April 2006 and the value for money is, simply, quite stunning for £20.50.

That includes "up to 8MB" broadband, free AnyTime calls to UK landlines, free AnyTime international calls to 36 countries (mobiles included in the States and one or two other countries) and the £10.50 line rental...:-)


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  luthier 13:50 15 Aug 2008

I moved to TalkTalk about 4 months ago. I was with BT / Orange. I get the same service for much less money than previously. Although caller display is £1.50 per month (it was free with BT), the total package is a bargain. Some people have had problems and aired their views on this forum. All I can say is that in my experience the changeover went without a hitch.

  Baskerville 14:30 15 Aug 2008

I also hear good things about TT, I was with Pipex for 3 years but the service has really gone down hill.
After much deliberation I have just gone on o2 and they have been fantastic all along the line, I get 13 mb for £15.00 a month but if you have a mobile with 02 sim card and you register it with them (no contract) you get up to 16mb for a tenner a month, free router too, easy to set up (has to be with me!)

I can recommend them and if you have a problem you talk to someone in the UK.

Glad I switched.

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  oldbeefer2 14:47 15 Aug 2008

From chats with friends who had (notice the past tense) TT and have now moved to 02, they would not go back. TT seems OK until you need help, then they suffer the frequent problems of other callcentres. 02 is UK based with 'operatives' who speak English.

  woodchip 15:44 15 Aug 2008

Yes I am on the Talk2 pack this only give evening and weekend calls free but I do not use the phone enough to warrant paying the extra for talk3 pack. Be with them for some time and its very good one you have got it all settled down. I can get upto 7mb on 8mb connection depending on time of day etc

  EFC1878 17:52 15 Aug 2008

Thanks for the views.

I have been alerted to TT by a friend who has just moved across and I must say that I am sorley tempted to give it a try.

I remain a little reluctant however given the problems that I have had in the p[ast when moving ISPs

  woodchip 18:53 15 Aug 2008

Just about all who I know as joined talktalk

  Baskerville 18:59 15 Aug 2008

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

When only the best will do........change to o2 or TT.

Baskerville, (Arte Et Labore!)

  EFC1878 19:15 15 Aug 2008

Thanks again

Baskerville - I hope our patched up squad and kids will have the 'skill and labour' will overcome the rovers.

  Baskerville 20:22 15 Aug 2008

We shall see, a share of the spoils would not be bad for the blue and white halves.

Mr Ince has a hard act to follow since sparkey left.
A top half finish would be a decent season for us,

Good luck and have a good season,


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