mike_w 00:53 16 Sep 2003

Does anyone out there use click here for their emails and if so is it working fine?
I've been unable to send emails from both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, all other email accounts are working fine

  mike_w 00:54 16 Sep 2003

that was suppose to be TALK21 not talk"!

  whybe 01:36 16 Sep 2003

Mike, I have tried Outlook to Talk21 Webmail and Talk21 to Outlook.
First way got there straight away and from Talk21 I'm still waiting, 15 minutes so far. Something is amiss.

  beeuuem 01:45 16 Sep 2003

Works for me - send and receive. Have you used it lately as it expires after 90 days if not used?

  mike_w 09:19 16 Sep 2003


did you say it worked with Microsoft Outlook and OE
I have been using the account for very close to 6 yrs, it's my main account

  beeuuem 12:26 16 Sep 2003

Sopy for delay in responding, been busy. Just tried it again and it works through OE, I don't use Outlook. Mail sent and received immediately.

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