The tale of 3 recalcitrant Epsons

  jack 10:39 18 May 2008

A Visit from my daughter. She fished out a Pen drive from her bag and asked -'Print this letter for me Dad my printer is playing up'
Into the den we went where reside my 2 printers.
Plugged in the Pen drive - found the doc set the print selector to R200 my maid of all work and pressed print.
The heads whizzed back and forth, the paper fed and out came --a blank sheet of paper !
OK try the R300. Reselect printer press print - the heads whizzed back and forth and out came - a blank sheet of paper.
Both machine had been printing earlier - the 200 on general stuff Web pages, letters. The R300 had been bashing out CD's the day previously- this machine is CISS fed and all the tubes are fully charged- so not an ink problem then.
Any way the fact that both machines 'performed' suggested a data transfer mishaps - but what and by 2 different machines?
An answer is to delete and reload the drivers of course - but what caused the mishap?
Machine 3- the daughters - an elderly Epson all in one.
It works perfectly as a Stand Alone- scanning as a copier or even photo printing from Media-
Currently when printing from computer it delivers only half a page- vertically- the other side of the page being blank.
What is this all about?

  jack 08:19 20 May 2008

Stick to Apson inks for the non ink deposit problem
On both printers - which had both been printing OK?
On the half printed page problem with the all in one
They said- make sure the paper is square in the feeder- bla h blah
not withstand as abone I stated the machine works fine as stand alone and it was a 'Computer Delivered Doc' that printed this way.
Any better ideas

  Technotiger 08:56 20 May 2008

If you can see the doc ok on the Pen drive, copy it to Word or whatever you have on your pc, then print it from there.

  Technotiger 08:57 20 May 2008

Or copy it to your My Documents folder - then print it.

  jack 09:21 20 May 2008

With the need to get hold of this Doc quickly I telephoned a chum- and called into him on our way out- whereby he plugged up the pen drive - clicked on the doc and printed it -2 copies -[one for luck].
Also on an Epson.

  Technotiger 09:25 20 May 2008

OK - thanks for your feedback - but if it happens again, try my suggestion about copying to your My Documents folder and then print.

  jack 10:34 20 May 2008

As she is a teacher and this is a week before half term - SATS and all
I do not expect a very prompt response.
Thanx again

  peter99co 10:48 20 May 2008

I always make sure my set-up allows a print preview and check this before printing. All printing preferences should be learnt so that sideways and upright pages can be used as reqd.

I have a sample print and use it to test different set-ups and have it contain all three colours to keep the ink jets clear. Only a few lines are needed to exercise the machine when not used often.

  jack 12:14 20 May 2008

Peter99co wrote
"I have a sample print and use it to test different set-ups and have it contain all three colours to keep the ink jets clear. Only a few lines are needed to exercise the machine when not used often."
I too have such a page - this one made in Paint Shop
It is broad bands of colour and text to fill a page.
It sure gets those jets a pumping.
However as both machines failed to deliver - that is not missing colours or poor repro but total absence of image on paper even though the heads were operating it seems to me to be more of a Data[or lack of] problem.

  jack 13:42 21 May 2008

The vAll in one - is miles away at my daughters- I geuss it will come to heel - in time

  woodchip 14:20 21 May 2008

Copy the doc to your desktop, open it then print as normal

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