Taking Sony Vaio Laptop Apart

  Gaz W 18:12 18 Sep 2004

I need to get into a Sony Vaio (model number PCG-GR314MP) laptop to look at the keyboard, as I think a drink spillage has caused it to stop working properly and I'm trying to see if there's anything I can do about it.

Anyway, so far I've been unable to separate the plastic casing completely. I have removed all of the screws and the purple/blue cover over the scroll wheel, but I can't manage to unclip it any further back than the Caps Lock key on the left and the Enter key on the right... sorry I can't be more specific but maybe anyone with Sony Vaio experience might know what I'm talking about!

I found a "service guide" but this just contained telephone numbers to ring for support - no good at all! Anyway, if anyone knows how to take it apart I'd be grateful for any information!



  Eric10 19:37 18 Sep 2004

Not the same model number as your laptop but these two links may provide some clues to help you. click here and click here

  Gaz W 22:24 18 Sep 2004

Thanks for that - it wasn't identical but I was able to use it as a rough guide. On this one, I had to remove one rubber cover over a screw by the left speaker, unscrew it, slide it to the left and lift it off. Accessing the keyboard was easy after that. All I need to do now is see if I can order a new keyboard.....

Anyway thanks again for your help,


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