Taking photo using laptop webcam

  ponytail 11:17 05 Dec 2014

Is it possible to take a still photo using the camera on my laptop.The laptop is a Asus K73E

  AroundAgain 12:08 05 Dec 2014

Does your 2013 post not help you this time See your old post

  ponytail 12:46 05 Dec 2014

Hi AroundAgain I thought I had asked this question before but was not sure so I went though all my posts up untill the beginning of this year and never saw it so apologies so now have to remember what I did

  ponytail 12:58 05 Dec 2014

Hi again AroundAgain have just looked at my old post I clicked on the link posted by sillbill and that does not help and neither does my manual if you can call it a manual and cannot remember what I did.Cannot find anything on the Laptop about a webcam.

  ponytail 16:22 05 Dec 2014

Just remembered that I had a program called Lifeframe on my laptop which is something to do with the webcam.I just entered Lifeframe in start then search and installed Lifeframe but now when I click on it it says the model does not support lifeframe.Can someone explain.

  john bunyan 16:26 05 Dec 2014

Our dear PCA has an article on this - are you a reader?

Webcam Photo PCA

  ponytail 16:29 05 Dec 2014

The version of Lifeframe I installed was lifeframe 3 I have now removed it and installed lifeframe 2 and now get this message lifeframe 2 runs only on Asus laptops

  compumac 19:30 05 Dec 2014

Do you not have an Asus laptop?

  ponytail 21:01 05 Dec 2014

It is a Asus K73E which according to the small booklet I got with it is a notepad not sure what the difference is.

  ponytail 22:38 05 Dec 2014

I installed lifeframe 3 today and got the message when I clicked on it that this model does not support lifeframe I then uninstalled it and installed lifeframe 2 and then got this message lifeframe 2 runs on Asus laptops only so where now. I did click on john bunyans link which did work and took he photo but could not work out how to save the photo to a particular folder.I checked my old posts back as far as Jan this yearbut did not see that post did not realise it was so far back.

  rdave13 01:01 06 Dec 2014

Try an older version of Youcam. Link .... be careful which green link you choose obviously. It's free and during installation select a custom install so you can untick boxes or decline extra programs/toolbars. The norm today really.

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