Taking PC to France.

  TECHNODIMWIT 08:07 23 May 2004

A friend is soon to be taking there PC to France when they move.

Is there anything they need to do so they can use the internet on dial up in france.

many thanks mark

  PC Mad Boy. 08:09 23 May 2004

Can they speak french lol....

The voltage is the same as here so that isn't a problem.

Modem will be the same all over and socket...they will need to sign up to a new ISP though!

  pj123 11:34 23 May 2004

Although the voltage is the same, the sockets are different. Go to a Camping Shop and you can get plug adaptors for almost any country. You may also find the phone socket is different but again, adaptors are available.

  Stuartli 11:51 23 May 2004

If you go to Aldi at the moment, it is selling mains travel adapters (multi-purpose) for £1.99.

Seem well made and a fraction of the price they are found elsewhere; I paid £5.99 when needing one in a hurry a few years back.

  Stuartli 11:54 23 May 2004

You might have to temporarily change the modem's configuration as regards the country from which you are dialling.

  Forum Editor 12:03 23 May 2004

won't know where it is, so that's one problem off your friends' minds.

If they find that their modem acts up with the French dial tone (as some of them do)tell them to alter the modem settings so that it doesn't wait for a dial tone before dialing out.

  Stuartli 13:54 23 May 2004

So why do modem manufacturers point out the need to set Country in the configuration to where it is being used?

My Diamond SupraExpress 56i V Pro was set, in error, to the US on one occasion and it took a little while to find out why it wouldn't dial out as it should.

  €dstowe 15:03 23 May 2004

From my experience of doing it the other way - bringing a foreign computer to the UK for a friend who was moving to the UK - it was easier just to dump the foreign Modem and use a UK one. Modems are not expensive to buy and it's easier than ferreting around trying to buy adapters. The other vital change to make is the mains cable and you might want to change the keyboard and computer settings to work in the right country.

NB I took the foreign modem back with me on my next trip and sold it - the price I got paid for the UK modem.


  TECHNODIMWIT 20:40 24 May 2004

Thanks a lot.

hope i get to go to the south of France to sort out this little problem :)

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