Taking Laptop to the U.S.

  [DELETED] 11:01 05 Jun 2006

Any tips on what accessories I need to take with me so I can use my Laptop in the U.S. (will be there all summer).

  [DELETED] 12:30 05 Jun 2006

Obviously you need an adapter plug for your charger -- assuming it can handle 110v. Are you planning to connect to the internet while you're there? If you'll be using a dial-up modem, you may need a telephone plug adapter too.

You might also want to take along proof of purchase so that you don't have any hassle with customs on the way back.

  Belatucadrus 14:16 06 Jun 2006

I'd also uprate security, just in case it went walkabout :-

click here System Security 2006.

click here Secure IT Pro

click here Compusec

click here Truecrypt

click here Cryptainer.

Not all at the same time of course.

click here UV pen, to make recovery a possibility.

  [DELETED] 14:49 06 Jun 2006

Don't bother with a telephone adapter, as such. Just buy a new cable will RJ11 plugs at both ends.
If you are staying in a hotel or somewher with wired broadband service, you may want an ethernet (RJ45) cable.
Your laptop power supply/charger will almost certainly be OK on 110V.
If you're looking for upgrades or additional computer bits whilst you are there, and depending on which part of the USA you are going to, have a look in Best Buy, Comp. USA, Circuit City, Fry's Electronics, Wall Mart, Staples. You will find some great bargains compared to the prices we are expected to pay here in the UK.
Have a great stay. I lived in the USA for 4 years and loved every minute! It's a great place for techie shopaholics.

  [DELETED] 14:54 06 Jun 2006

Will take all into consideration. Will probably have some more questions in a bit............

  [DELETED] 14:58 06 Jun 2006

Bargains there may be but be prepared for some severe attitude problems from staff in some of the specialist shops.

  [DELETED] 15:51 06 Jun 2006

Thanks Edstowe.....I lived there for a number of years and know how to handle them.......I just remind myself that 'the customer is always right'. Also, asking to talk to the manager always helps when there's an arrogant salesperson.

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