Taking Laptop On Holiday Within The UK Help Needed On Security & WiFi.

  uggly 21:17 07 Sep 2013

I am taking my laptop with me for a trip to London and have never done this before. I have Kaspersky Pure.3, Superantispyware and Malwarebytes for my online protection. I added a free version of preyproject - www.preyproject.com - external security in the event of theft. I have configured my Preyproject software so if my laptop is stolen, I can simply log-on to their website from another computer and declare my computer as stolen.

I assume I will be able to get online from 'free' wifi in London. What other personal security should I consider for my computer as I read horror stories of unsecured wifi spots and thieves stealing identities, passwords, bank account details etc.

Is it also possible, as I don't drive, to install software used by drivers who have satnavs to add an extra layer of security for my own peace of mind? If so, what should I use please.

I hope I have covered all bases. But any help and advice from you will greatly help enhance my stay. Thank you very much.

  spuds 21:40 07 Sep 2013

Would suggest that you might check any insurance you have on the laptop, before travelling.

Finding free wifi and other things while in London. click here

  Woolwell 07:22 08 Sep 2013

I would not do any online banking using free wifi but use it for browsing and reading emails. Hotels provide wifi with log in. This not as secure as at home but ok. Personally I would not do online banking using that either.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 08 Sep 2013

I travel all over UK with laptop your security is fine.

However I do not use it for online banking or web purchases of any kind while away from home and make sure there are no credit card or banking details on the machine while I'm away.

  Batch 13:20 08 Sep 2013

Unless you have bank etc. login details openly stored on your PC, just being on a free wifi does not enable someone to get your bank logins. Using the PC to access said accounts on free (esp. unsecured) wifi does start to open you up. But if you were to just log in once (per wifi hospot), the most they would get with a bank login (assuming the bank asks for a limited selection of characters out of your password) is a fragment of your details - not good, but probably not the end of the world.

On another tack, what I have always done before going away is to make back-up images of the partitions on my netbook (using Acronis True Image) and restore these on my return home. I don't store any permanent personal data on the netbook, so restoring images does not overwrite any emails that I might want. That way if anything nasty had got in whilst using the netbook away from home it would be trounced on my return.

  uggly 13:37 08 Sep 2013

I appreciate and thank you all very much for your kind help and suggestions. I certainly won't do any online banking outside of my home and will do full scans once I return.

Thank you.

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