Taking HP to Aussie need router help

  bobtheeagle 18:02 06 Oct 2005

Please help. Just purchased HPCentrino laptop. It says it has a built in wireless, does this mean when I go to Australia(jobhunting) it will find a hotspot automatically and allow me to surf and pick up emails?
I said all this to nice man at Comet and walked out with a Belkin H/S Mode wireless G router & H/S mode Wireless G Notebook Network card. Necessary?
If anyone can spare the time to help me out I would be grateful since I'm flying on the 10th.

  LAP 19:07 06 Oct 2005

Looks like you've got the lot, accept a phone line which connects to your wireless router.

  De Marcus™ 19:10 06 Oct 2005

If your laptop has wireless already built in then you don't need anything else.

  De Marcus™ 19:12 06 Oct 2005
  Forum Editor 19:39 06 Oct 2005

that you don't need - unless you plan to set up a wireless network in Australia. If you did plan to do that you would be better off buying the equipment once you get there anyway.

Otherwise all you need is your laptop - it will detect any wireless networks in range. Don't use wireless hotspots unless you have to - they'll cost you a fortune if you spend hours online.

  bobtheeagle 19:55 06 Oct 2005

I suggest you get high paid job at Comet!

Can you tell me if you are allowed, or able, to connect on a long haul flight?

If I needed to print is it just a matter of connecting to a local printer?

And, sorry for naivety, if my wife is logged on pc with her id and I login to laptop, via phoneline she gets taken off. Is this 'cos the modem can only handle one login at a time?

If so, when I come back to UK what kit will I need in order for us to work at the same time?

  bobtheeagle 20:04 06 Oct 2005

When I fire up laptop and attempt to connect to wireless network it doesn't find one, even when I refresh. What am I doing wrong?


  Forum Editor 00:26 07 Oct 2005

When I go to Sydney I sometimes use Quantas. They have laptop power sockets in business class, and satellite telephones, so you can call anywhere in the world. Beware - the calls are very expensive.

BA (my other choice) also have laptop power in Business Class. Neither airline has in-flight internet access as yet.

If you need to print to a printer you'll need to have the driver installed on your machine. Windows XP has many generic drivers in its database, but you would be best advised to get a small portable printer - don't rely on business centres because they often don't let you connect to their printers.

Only one person can login to an ISP account at any one time.

If you and your wife both want to be online at the same time - to share a broadband internet connection - you can use the wireless router and that you've bought. Your wife's PC will need a wireless network adapter (either and internal PCI type or an external USB model), but your laptop needs nothing.

As for the laptop failing to detect wireless networks - have you enabled the wireless facility?

  bobtheeagle 18:15 07 Oct 2005

Put on hold for 30 minutes whilst someone went to find out. I think I will read a book instead.

I figure I can pick up a small cheap printer over there.

Wireless is enabled but just not finding anything solid - every 5th go maybe something called linksys, but only for a minute or so. Having browsed some other strings I suppose that's due to the fact I live in an old cottage with 8inch solid walls. I should think all will be well in Aussie with the paper mache walls.

Your help has been appreciated.

  Forum Editor 20:38 08 Oct 2005

have great food and really nice cabin staff. I use them when I go direct to Singapore instead of via Hong Kong (when I use Cathay Pacific).

You'll easily get a decent printer whe you get there - plenty of computer shops around.

You'll find Australians very security-minded when it comes to wireless networks, and you'll almost certainly be limited to using public hotspots - the thickness of walls won't come into it.

  bobtheeagle 20:50 08 Oct 2005

Gonna recommend this site!

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