Taking digital camera on holiday

  nodrog2 22:54 23 Sep 2004

Can anyone tell me if the x-ray machines at airports cause any problems with the memory cards in digital cameras?

  stalion 22:57 23 Sep 2004

give your digital camera to security before you go through that way it will not be scanned and you avoid the possibility

  GYPSY 23:21 23 Sep 2004

My camera has gone thru many times with no problem, but if you are worried take the card out and stick in in your pocket.

  Eargasm 23:34 23 Sep 2004

"Taking digital camera on holiday" Thank yourself lucky, i have to take the wife!!!!

  bvw in bristol 00:17 24 Sep 2004

Using an XD card....no problems.

  rawprawn 07:58 24 Sep 2004

No problems for me either, including the card.

  Carafaraday 08:55 24 Sep 2004

Just back from hols - went through security at least four times - the pics are fine.

  anchor 09:00 24 Sep 2004

My digital cameras have been through airport X-Ray machines in Europe and the USA many times; Never a problem.

Just returned from Crete, all pictures fine.

  €dstowe 09:07 24 Sep 2004

I know a pilot who's digital camera and laptop goes through security checking about twice a day or even more often than that.

There aren't any problems with either device.

N.B. Pilots have to go through similar security checks as the paying passengers.

  gudda96 09:19 24 Sep 2004

Glad that question was posted and answered, I would not have thought but general feeling seems to be that its no problem.

  cherria 09:30 24 Sep 2004

These memory cards are pretty robust, I saw a magazine article where they tried all sorts of ways to kill them including washing machines, heavy objects etc. They even nailed one to a tree and were still able to retrieve the pictures.

I haven't tried the ultimate test yet though as my 2 year old daughter hasn't managed to get her hands on my memory stick.

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