Taking advantage of Shareware for PC security

  katkins 14:14 12 Mar 2008

I recommend installing any proprietry security software on Shareware only that allows you to test drive several types before deciding whether to purchase or not.

By the time you've gotten though the many leading brands, you'll have covered yourself for 12 months or more. Keeping notes as you go along, you can start all over again with the first choice. Most companies if not all, will let you download again after a lapse of at least 3 months between usage.

Microsoft also offer some proprietry examples on a six months Shareware basis as long as you download from that particular Microsoft link. However, you may find the actual software producer may only honour 3 months, not the full 6.

About 18 months ago, I read a review by a well-known techie guy in another computer mag that it is better to install separate firewall, antivirus, antispyware and antispamware, etc rather than have the all-in-one programmes. Apparently, they function better as separate aplications. I took that advice and have been doing this ever since although I don't bother with antispamware. Where e-mail is concerned, you usually get free antispam protection anyway.

Incidently, Online Armor is a firewall, although Freeware which received a favourable review in a leading mag. I've been using it for 4 months now on one of my PCs.

  Clapton is God 14:19 12 Mar 2008

"I recommend installing any proprietry security software on Shareware only that allows you to test drive several types before deciding whether to purchase or not"

Or better still, use the excellent freeware which is available

  [email protected] 14:30 12 Mar 2008

or even pay £20, get to learn exactly how your av work, dont over complicate your registry, dont spend hours removing bits left behind, forget it and get on with what your pc was designed for.
that works for me, but each to their own.

  katkins 22:15 14 Mar 2008

Clapton is God

I read reviews in mags like this one where the techies reckoned that some, not all, high end paid for proprietry brands were, not surprisingly, far more effective than freebies. Hence the reason I use Shareware.

I have also used AVG Anti-virus Freeware for several months in the past without incident. There was one freebie that did let me down about four years back, called Anti-Vir. I got hit good and proper on that occasion, by a worm that effectively closed my computer down.

  katkins 22:39 14 Mar 2008

As you get to the end of various Sharewares, you get no end of impressive price reductions for taking out a subscription if that's what you decide to do although I tend to ignore them and instal another.

BTW, Adman 2, I use a programme called 'my uninstall' which allows you to go into the registry and remove all the files in one group. If you run a search from the edit button, usually there are only a few stray files to remove after that which only takes maybe five mins or so. For programmes that are particularly extensive and instrusive, it will take longer, of course. One took me up on three hours, but on that occasion I forgot to use that little option I mentioned, in 'my uninstal' programme and also it was a particularly invasive one which was proving stubborn in places.

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