Takes time

  1st spring 02:03 26 Jan 2010

Takes long time to open up a program and then the icons not open up. 2, I click and nothing opens 3. Often when I click on a project I get a white bar at the top. I might have saved the work but if I click on the project to close, this is when I get the wight bare and it not close if it does it hasn't saved my work.
4. Part of the pg keeps disappearing when I close 5. Icons disappear on the desktop and at the bottom next to Start. When they do come back they take ages to show their picture.

6 When I am in word trying to save a picture it will only come on when I click on the page. It will not open up with the picture in as I am trying to print out all info so that I can take the PC to be sorted. I know difficult to understand.

  Graphicool1 10:15 26 Jan 2010

I suspect that these problems haven't just happened, but it has been getting worse over a long period of time? It probably started off with little things that you just overlooked. It's always best to jump on - even - the smallest problem when you first notice it. Because you can now see how it get's out of hand if left!

I think it's got to that stage that the only sensible thing to do would be to reformat the HDD and do a clean install of WinXP. I believe that is what the repair shop will suggest.

So it you have anything on your PC, of either a personal or delicate nature? You should remove or delete it, before taking it to the shop. If you have 'Memory Sticks' a 'Slave Drive' or an external 'HDD' use these to save anything you want to keep. Because when they reformat you will lose everything, the PC will come back like a new PC.

As a matter of interest what Spyware, AntiVirus and FireWall are you using. When was the last time you cleaned out the history and defragged?

  john bunyan 10:49 26 Jan 2010

Following on from Graphicool1 's points:
1. Install and run CCleaner - clears internet cookies etc.
1. Install and run Superantispyware and Malawarebytes.
All free. Then review performance. Also what back up do you use?

  1st spring 19:30 26 Jan 2010

Done every thing john bunyyan said, then I went back to my pictures folder. 4 mins to open 38 pic and 10 mins to open one, thats before things start to go wrong. I thought it might be the hard drive thats the prob. In the early hours of the morning I used the external hard drive to open up my pictures which I am transferring to and it opened up in a flash. I have also thought maybe someone might be using my Internet, another thought was that it might be because I am now using Microsoft Security, before I was using AVG and had no prob. I thought AVG was no longer working so I changed. Micro Security keeps switching off, and says it is not protected real time something like that.

I am using Kerio fire wall.

When you say reformat the (HDD (Hard Drive?)and do a clean install win XP I wouldn't know where to start. I don't have an XP disk but I have been told I don't to have one.

  Les28 20:10 26 Jan 2010

What size is your hard drive and how much is free space?
How much RAM memory do you have in the pc?
I guess it's XP operating system by your name?
What is the make and model of the pc or laptop?
Any problem with getting rid of MS security, or switching it off, at least for a while and installing something like Avast free antivirus?
Did you use the AVG removal tool from AVG website to uninstall AVG?

Bring up Task Manager, press Ctrl, Alt and Del keys together, on the Processes Tab bottom left of that page, how many processes running and what is the cpu usage % next to it?

Check out the dma transfer of your hard drive hasn't reverted to the slower pio mode as explained here

click here

click here

  Les28 20:48 26 Jan 2010

In case you're not sure how to check for hard drive size and how much is free

click here

and one way to check for how much RAM, 768 MB in the example shown

click here

  1st spring 09:38 31 Jan 2010

Hard Drive = Free space 53.2 GB total size 76GB
Ram 1.46GB
XP pro. desk top
PC is a Buddy
I do not remember how I deleted AVG, It is not in Add & Remove but I can still see info in All Programs. DMA and IDE is all right. I do not like Microsoft's Security I keep getting probs saying it needs to be turned on or I am not protected real time Never had this with AVG but I thought it no longer worked thats why I came out of it, I did try to up date but couldn't. At the moment whilst on this having no probs. When I try to save my work it doesn't save it so I try again and then I get the wight line at the top of the screen, if I click again it goes off and nothing has been saved. It took 15 mins to get one picture up thats before I start to get prob. I will have to take it into be sorted. One person did say to save all that I wanted and he would reformat it for me. but not sure how to save my programs. I am deleting most of whats not wanted and trying to print what I might like to know but then the PC not let me save, so that I can print.

  Graphicool1 11:20 31 Jan 2010

"If you have 'Memory Sticks' a 'Slave Drive' or an external 'HDD' use these to save anything you want to keep"

If you have or can get, as said above, all you need to do is plug one into a USB slot on your PC. It will be shown in 'My Computer' and allocated a drive letter. Click on that letter, the window that opens will be the equivalent to your PC desktop, but on the memory stick. Open the just 'Drag & Drop' the folders that contain the things you want to keep. When they are on the stick, open them just to check and give you peace of mind that they are really there and safe. When you've transfered everything you want to keep, remove the memory stick and keep it somewhere safe. Once your HDD has been reformatted and WinXP reinstalled, plug in the memory stick and do the same as before, but in reverse. Or just keep them on the Memory stick and update them from time to time.

  Les28 13:45 31 Jan 2010

Have you tried adding an additional user to the pc and seeing if the new user account has the same problems.

click here

  john bunyan 13:50 31 Jan 2010

May be worth running the AVG removal tool:
click here. Not needed if you decide to re format and reinstall, I suggest you have two partitions : C: for system, say 30 gig, balance for "My Documents". You could import your data to the latter as Graphicool1 says.Relatively gheap to buy a bigger HD and use existing one as a second , back up.

  1st spring 17:17 04 Feb 2010

Problem fixed. I thought it was because I had changed from AVG to MS. I was right. Everything is working fine now. Thank you for your help. I was getting MsMpEng.exe This was using up my processor.

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