take info of PC

  March Wind 02:58 24 Jun 2012

How do I take the info off the PC as if I was going to part with it, so no one can see all the web pages and any private info I might have on. I also wouldn't want them to see all the email addresses

  KRONOS the First 07:54 24 Jun 2012

Why not replace the hard-drive and reinstall Windows? But to be quite honest just reinstalling your operating system will be sufficient.

  chub_tor 10:42 24 Jun 2012

Some PCs, particularly laptops, can be re-set to factory settings this is one way to do it.

  March Wind 11:29 24 Jun 2012

I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to install and reinstall Windows. I have XP professional. It did not come with a disk, either so that wouldn't help.

  john bunyan 12:05 24 Jun 2012

I would have thought that you could delete all the stuff you want to keep private. Then use CCleaner Tools, Drive wipe, Complex Overwrite (7 Passes).it will hide everything so it is irrecoverable. It will take hours, mind.

  March Wind 12:07 24 Jun 2012

I have a desktop Windows XP

  robin_x 12:30 24 Jun 2012

What make and model is it? Look on the labels and/or press Windows Key+Pause/Break Key or here

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