Tablets - Biased Advice

  morddwyd 12:27 24 Dec 2012

Soon be getting a 10" tablet, but which?

Looked at all the specs, know about app stores and vivid screens, so now just looking for totally biased, unreasonable advice.

I have a Galaxy S1, and a Galaxy Note. My wife has a Galaxy 7".

So do I stick with what I know and go for a Galaxy Note 10", do I stay with Android and go for a Nexus or similar, do I revert to Windows, or bite the bullet and go iPad?

The last will require counselling - since the days of the Apple Mac I have believed Apple to be the spawn of the devil and Jobs to be his biggest disciple!

So come on, please let me have your totally blind, unjustifiable prejudices!

  Ian in Northampton 13:03 24 Dec 2012

Google Nexus. So there. (Just because everything I've read says it's the best one out there. I should really have got one for my wife for Christmas, but left it too late, so she'll have to make do with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10. I'll tell her she got that because she likes her S2 phone so much. But I'll always be thinking "Shoulda got her the Nexus"..)

If not that - yep, the iPad is the best alternative. But I wouldn't have any of Steve Jobs' fruit in the house. The only reason my daughter's getting an iPhone 5 is because she'll be going back to university soon after Christmas, so I won't have to look at the bloody thing for too long.

That help? ;-)

  Ian in Northampton 13:05 24 Dec 2012

By the way: you know that Samsung are currently offering a £50 cashback on the 10.1" tablets? That means I'll end up having paid £188 for my wife's, which seems reasonable.

  Ian in Northampton 13:07 24 Dec 2012

Oh, and - I didn't think it was worth paying £80 more for the Note. It seemed to me that the pen and associated app would be entertaining for five minutes - and then never get used again. Your mileage may vary.

  bremner 13:35 24 Dec 2012

There is the best and then the rest.

The rest have closed the gap on the best and you will have to pay a premium for the best.

Get the best buy an iPad you won't regret it.

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