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Tablet that reads a USB memory stick with films & other storage?

  Daisy22 16:43 04 Jan 2014


We bought one of our children a tablet, an Acer Iconia at a good price but was disappointed to find it doesn't read the USB key, we bought a converter.

However I have a Samsung Galaxy Camera which does read the USB key so I know it wasn't that we did something wrong. After some research it seems that not all tablets can pick up storage from a memory stick.

So my question is, which tablets do? Only want to pay about £150 or less if that helps.

Thanks and happy new year all

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 04 Jan 2014

All tablets will provided you get the correct usb cable and appropriate app.

I play films and cartoons for the grandson from a usb stick using a USB go cable and media importer app on a Nexus 7 this saves me having to watch Numberjacks and Peppa pig on the TV.

  Daisy22 17:58 04 Jan 2014

I think we bought a universal cable, but didn't get an app it worked fine as I said on my samsung without doing anything.

So how do you know which cable to get and which app ??? very confused (have tried doing lots of google research)

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